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Natural roses in all formats

Only roses, the complete catalogue of products with roses, bouquets, centers and compositions of natural roses in all colors. More information

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* The available products and prices vary according to destination city and before you make your order, if you make your order with at least 24 hours in advance you will have more products and the best prices. To know the price you must select the desired product, indicate the province, city and date of delivery, we show you the available catalogue and prices.

Gift ideas with natural roses

In Telerosa we specialize in roses and we have the best roses from Ecuador in baskets, centers, bouquets and elegant bouquets the size you want according to the occasion, just look at this catalogue and if you cannot find it, contact us.

Bouquets of roses to give away

We have the sensual and elegant red rose, the sensitive and fine pink rose, the delicate and striking yellow rose, the exotic blue rose that evokes strength and temperance or the fine white rose inspiring purity and frankness, with any of them we make the best bouquets of roses to send to address.

Bouquets of colored roses

A bouquet of roses is a natural gift to convey affection and friendship on the part of someone who wants to express positive feelings to the loved one and communicate in a beautiful message everything that sometimes costs to express in words.