Balloons 12 roses Girl
  • Balloons 12 roses Girl

Girl Balloons with 12 Roses and chocolates, great gift to send to home and maternity

Girl Balloons with 12 roses and chocolates is a large centerpiece of 12 roses, prepared in a beautiful set accompanied by green vegetables enhancing the color and shape of the roses, along with a box of chocolates and 2 small balloons matching the Stork in pink colour.

Girl Balloons with 12 roses and chocolates can be sent to the home or maternity hospital through our home delivery service and surprise the new mother who, upon seeing how big and majestic the balloon is, will surely receive it with a big smile.

You can also personalize your gift by choosing different colors for the roses, always depending on availability, in order to give a touch of originality and color to the gift according to your personal tastes and those of the mother.

At teleROSA Florists you can also attach a note with a private message to the recipient to express your joy for the birth.

Offer of Girl Stork Balloon with 12 Roses and chocolates to send to home and maternity

The Girl Balloons with 12 roses and chocolates, apart from the balloon contains a center of 12 fresh roses that have been chosen among the best in a careful selection of roses from Ecuador, grown in climatically perfect areas for their development and handled with all the care necessary to maintain its color, naturalness and freshness in a guaranteed way, because at teleROSA we are committed to quality.

Without a doubt, this is an original gift that the happy dad, grandparents, brothers-in-law or a close friend will normally buy. At teleROSA we make it easy for you and just by filling out some fields you can place the order and in case the happy mom is in the maternity hospital and you do not know the exact room where she is staying, leave it in our hands and we will take care of locating her and making the gift arrive at its destination efficiently and quickly, but do not forget to fill out the form with a congratulatory dedicatory phrase that we will attach to the shipment so that she knows who is sending it.

It is an appropriate and distinguished gift, as well as very fun to see the look of excitement and surprise among those present as they watch the balloons approach with their roses and chocolates, flooding the space with joy and color.

The gift includes balloons that symbolize in some imaginative way the birth of the girl. On the other hand, we attach a beautiful centerpiece of roses for the mother to thank her for the birth of the baby, since she will surely be happy and happy to have her child in the world after 9 long months, but of course, in an event like this Family members, friends, co-workers and of course the father who is happy to see his new child cannot be missing, because for all of them we have included a box of chocolates, so that while they look at the baby with an absorbed face they can sweeten the moment of waiting that They will have to endure until they are able to hold the newborn in strict order of arrival and under the careful supervision of the mother.


Balloons 12 roses Girl

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Balloons 12 roses Girl Girl Pink Roses

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