teleROSA Franchise

If you are looking to open your own business, considering setting up Shops teleROSA in your city, These are our reasons:

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  • Being the owner of your own company
  • Decrease in business risk
  • Continuously in-demand market
  • Access to know-how
  • Brand image
  • Initial and ongoing Training
  • Corporate website
  • Marketing actions
  • Exclusive territory
  • Non-seasonal business
  • Supply guarantee
  • Creativity: floral art
  • Online channel
  • Integration into national network

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The ideal franchisee for teleROSA

  • Entrepreneurial and initiative-driven individuals
  • Responsible individuals with a high ethical commitment in carrying out their duties
  • Who aim to achieve economic independence by becoming owners of their own company
  • Willing to personally engage in the daily management of their business
  • The ideal management of a Shops teleROSA requires two individuals
  • With a passion and sensitivity for the world of flowers and plants
  • With experience in the job market or business sector
  • Driver's license, enjoys driving, and is comfortable behind the wheel
  • Educational level that allows for administratively managing their company
  • Ability to learn and implement process improvements

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More information about the franchise teleROSA

From our contact form Select the subject: 2 - Franchises, please enter your email and in the message include the following information:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • City where you would like to set up your own Shops teleROSA

Once we receive your request, we will make initial contact by phone and send you our 'Franchise Dossier' where you will find more information