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Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet

The most desired date of the year for the most romantic people is here! February 14th is Valentine's Day, or Day of Love and Friendship; a day where giving a Valentine's Day bouquet of flowers is a symbol of unconditional love, the kind that never expires.

And if one thing is certain... It is that no matter how much time passes, Valentine's Day flower bouquets never go out of style. Besides, as a florist with many years of experience in the sector, we know that even the popular belief that men don't like to receive Valentine's Day bouquets is not entirely true. There are many guys who are thrilled to receive Valentine's Day bouquets, precisely because it is not something usual! And if there is some distance between you two right now.... Don't forget that you can send Valentine's Day gifts at home with us!

Valentine's Day is a very popular date since its origin in Rome, in the 3rd century. Did you know that Valentine was a priest condemned to death for secretly performing marriages to young people in love? Claudius II sentenced his death, since at that time the marriage of young people was forbidden, with the purpose of making them better soldiers; by dispensing with any kind of couple or family ties.

You already know why this day is celebrated every year and why Valentine's Day bouquets are so important! As you can see, it is a hoax that Valentine's Day was created by the industry!

Valentine's Day Roses

This February 14th is celebrated in many European countries, such as Spain, Austria, Belgium or France. But... Did you know that not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day on the same day? And that in some places the meaning even changes? Unlike the tradition we know about roses on Valentine's Day, not all cultures do the same thing.

Unlike the European tradition of Roses for Valentine's Day, in the case of countries like Finland and Estonia Valentine's Day is a tribute to friendship, receiving the name 'Sobrapäev' and 'Ystävän Paiva', respectively. Another curious case is that of Denmark and Norway. There, instead of sending roses for Valentine's Day, there is a tradition of giving Gaekkebrev: small poems with funny rhymes that men send to women anonymously. In fact, the sender is put with a number of dots equivalent to the number of letters of the lover! As you can see, the most beautiful gifts for Valentine's Day vary depending on the place in the world, with teleROSA florists you have a Valentine's Day flower delivery service at home throughout Spain!

Didn't you also think that giving roses on Valentine's Day was something that was done all over the world?

Valentine's Day Roses Bouquet

Valentine's Day bouquets of roses represent love better than anything else. Giving a beautiful bouquet of roses for February 14th is another way to tell your partner that you love them. There are Valentine's Day rose bouquets in different sizes, so you can give the one that best suits your needs: ask us without obligation about the price of the different bouquets of roses for lovers, and if you have doubts about which Valentine's Day rose bouquets are the most requested, or need ideas for Valentine's Day for women, ask us!

Although if you want a quick tip, on this famous Valentine's Day flower sale day, Valentine's Day red rose bouquets are a safe bet! We could even say that they are the flowers of February par excellence!

Since, as we have seen, it is clear that giving a bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day has become a tradition in many countries.