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Roses Sant Jordi

A selection of the most demanded individual roses and bouquets to give away in Sant Jordi. On April 23 of each year in Catalonia and other cities it is celebrated by giving away a rose, a dragon, a book, etc. With teleROSA you can send them to all of Spain. More information

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* The available products and prices vary according to the destination city and in advance with which you place your order, if you place your order in advance you will have more products and the best prices. To know the price you must indicate the province, city and delivery date, we show you the available catalog and prices.

Buy Sant Jordi roses at home

In 2023 Sant Jordi falls on a Sunday, so we recommend placing your order for home delivery on Saturday 22 or Monday 24 April, in this way you will get the best deals on roses from Sant Jordi with teleROSA.

The most original Sant Jordi roses

In teleROSA We have a specific catalog of Sant Jordi flowers, festival that is celebrated every year on April 23rd, but the same roses and gifts are available to send throughout the year to any city in Spain

Flowers and Roses of Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Definitely The Ramblas of Barcelona becomes the heart of the Day of Sant Jordi, It is true that it is celebrated throughout Catalonia and in many other cities in Spain, but the red of roses and book covers is pumped from the very Ramblas to every corner every April 23rd.