Premium Eternal Rose
  • Premium Eternal Rose

Available Premium Eternal Rose for home delivery in Spain

A great eternal rose prepared inside a beautiful case is the ideal gift for birthdays, for Saint Valentine's Day, for asking that special person out, for surprising your couple sending this rose with a beautiful love note any given day. You choose the special occasion, because there are no limits for imagination, and all the illusion is only a click away.

You will only find this exclusive gift of a Premium Rose in Telerosa. It is original, different and it will last for ages, because the lyophilised rose remains inalterable with time. And, on the other hand, the beautiful case protects it effectively from dust, so that you can keep this lovely memory for many years.

This is a very particular rose, because it's available in several colors. Roses are original flowers because of their great symbolism, depending on their color. Red roses mean love and passion. Pink roses mean tolerance, respect, sympathy, gratitude and lack of wickedness. White roses mean innocence and purity, they are frequently chosen by fiancées, they symbolizes a solid future in a relationship.

Offer of Premium Eternal Rose with home delivery service in Spain

For those who frequently receive roses, we offer the Premium Eternal Rose, with which you can surprise because of its larger size and, above all, because of the fact that this reminder of a special day can be kept alive for a long time.

With this Premium Eternal rose you have no excuses for making your couple happy. As is customary in Telerosa, the price won't be a problem, this is an original gift at an economical price that you will only find in Telerosa. You can surprise that special someone and convey your message with this exclusive rose, it will be a success, for sure.

Keep in mind that roses are, above all, the symbol of love, and when you're giving roses as a gift you are sending a very clear message that the recipient will quickly understand. You will send illusion and joy which are ideal to keep your relationship alive and shiny. This gift will be like a breath of fresh air.


Premium Eternal Rose

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