Heart with Eternal Roses
  • Heart with Eternal Roses

Eternal Roses with Heart, available for home delivery in Spain

This gift is composed by a centerpiece of 3 eternal roses and a beautiful red heart, which is wishing to be hugged by someone special.

This is the ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, saints celebrations, for asking someone out, for making a stay in the hospital more pleasant or for surprising a special someone any given day. There are as many occasions as you can imagine.

The colour of these eternal natural roses is normally red, but you can request them in different colours, depending on availability. Among them are white, orange, pink, blue, yellowe and black, so that you can combine them according to your own taste. The colour of your roses will help you to convey the meaning of your messages.

Offer of Eternal Roses with Heart with home delivery service in Spain

This beautiful eternal roses centerpiece is an exclusive gift of teleROSA, which is hand-made by our profesional florists, who can prepare gifts full of charm, originality and elegance with their many years of experience.

In this case, the flower used is an eternal rose which has been lyophilised. In other words, the water and the moisture have been removed to avoid that the rose withers. That's how we keep the rose in its natural colour and shape state over the years. Because of this, eternal roses are perfect to be sent and delivered anywhere in the Spanish península by courier.

We only recommend to keep them in dry places and protected from sunlight, which make them lost their beautiful red colour. It is also useful to keep them protected from dust, which can make their image less attractive. Following these simples tips will keep preserve the original state of your eternal roses for many years.


Heart with Eternal Roses

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