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Natural plants

Baskets of natural indoor plants and orchids for terrace, garden with or without flowers, a natural and durable gift with home delivery. More information

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* The products available and prices vary according to destination city and before you make your order, if you make your order with at least 24 hours in advance you will have more products and the best prices. To know the price you must select the desired product, indicate the province, city and date of delivery, we show you the available catalogue and prices.

Giving Away Natural Plants

A beautiful center with indoor plants is always a grateful gift for both young and old, an ideal complement to decorate any stay giving it a fresh and natural air.

Varied indoor plants

In Telerosa we have different sets of different plants to give and send to maternity in a birth, to send a co-worker and to decorate his/her office, to give to mom and to complement her garden or to send a message of affection and friendship to a good friend.

Baskets with plants at home

Sending a basket with plants is a good idea when you do not know what to give, because indoor plants require little maintenance and you can decorate with them any space in your home, also whenever you see them you will remember the person who gave them to you.