Basket of plants girl
  • Basket of plants girl
  • Basket of plants girl
  • Basket of plants girl

Send Basket of plants for newborn baby girl to any area in Spain

Flower arrangement of a pretty basket with interior plants for gifts in births of a baby girl, discreet gift that brings a natural touch of green during their stay in the hospital or maternity that also doesn't require a vase because it's inside a basket that protects the plants and gives spectacular nature.

It comes with decorative details in pink details cause it's a gift for a newborn girl, and it's very easy to transport to home in the basket with handle.

The floral composition varies depending to the season and destination, but usually the basket has 4 or 5 flowering plants such as Guzmania, Kalanchoe, Oleander, Aecmea, Joy House, amarillis, Margaritas, Anthurium, Azalea, Begonia, Bougainvillea, Galatea, Calceolaria , Camelia, Tinkerbell, Cineraria and others with green leaves as Difenbaquias, Chamaedonea, Saptifilium, Ficus sunny, Alocacia, Aloe Vera, Pineapple or Tropical Pineapple, Aralia, Beloperone, Blecno, Bibergia, Caladium, Callisia, Cenante, Film, Coleus and Croton as you can see there is a large variety depending on the season availability.

Offer of Basket of plants for newborn baby girl with home or hospital delivery service in Spain

The basket, it's composed with interior plants that don't involve special maintenance, water them only once a week approximately moderately depending on the time of year or if they has flower, keep them in a cool, ventilated place, illuminated but away from the direct sun and dust.

The presentation can be personalized with decorations in different colours depending on the reason for the gift, if it's a holy, birthday, for gratitude, anniversary, communion or birth as mentioned above, although you can gift it without any special reason for floral ornamentation or to decorate their house.

You can buy this magnificent basket of interior plants with flowers and dispose it for a gift that you can send in any occasion thanks to their customization, because it's a set of green plants that fits in any space or situation.


Basket of plants girl

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Basket of plants girl

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