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Flowers and baby gifts to send to hospital maternity

Original bouquets of flowers and gifts to congratulate the arrival of a newborn that with teleROSA you can send to any maternity hospital, clinic, hospital or home, in any city in Spain.More information

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* The available products and prices vary according to the destination city and advance with which you place your order, if you place your order at least 24 hours in advance you will have more products and the best prices. To know the price, you must select the desired product, indicate the province, city and delivery date, we show you the available catalogue and the prices.

Ideas for Baby. Bouquets of flowers and gifts

Congratulate parents and welcome the new baby with a bouquet or basket of flowers is a detail that you should not miss. It is a unique and unrepeatable moment for the family where this detail is of great importance. The ideal is to be able to send it to the maternity of the hospital where she has given birth and for this in teleROSA we make it easy for you.

Gifts for new-born. Flowers or another gift?

In teleROSA addition to the classic bouquets of roses and flowers we have a large catalogue of gifts for babies like our exclusive Baby moto or diaper bouquet with teddy, as well as original floral arrangements with balloons and teddy bears so that you can choose a gift with glamour, funny, original and cheap.

Business gifts for new-born baby

Companies that are more and more attentive to details with their customers, suppliers and employees can find in teleROSA a perfect gift to congratulate that special moment that is the arrival of a child. In addition, thanks to our personalization of gifts we can include in a prominent way the name or logo of the company in many of our baby gifts, for more information do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or in our own web chat . We will be happy to help you select the perfect gift and personalization for your situation.