rose trio and plushtoy
  • rose trio and plushtoy

Rose Trio and Plushtoy for home delivery in Spain

Discreet but elegant centerpiece with 3 natural roses in red, or in the colour you choose, so that you can surprise your couple the day you're in love, even if it's not 14th of February.

IMPORTANT: While sending roses, do not forget that the heart of your gift is the message that accompanies them and, of course, sign it so that the recipient knows who is sending the flowers. Sometimes, some people decide not to sign the gift, our experience has taught us that this is a huge mistake that can turn a beautiful surprise into a uncomfortable situation. Please, don't make this mistake, because in such a case, Telerosa will never say who sends the gift and this will surely spoil your surprise.

The 14th of February, Saint Valentine's Day, is the perfect date to surprise your couple with a beautiful basket like this one, whether your couple is a man or a woman.

Offer of 3 red roses with a plush toy for home delivery in Spain

This 3 red roses with a plush toy is the perfect gift for a beautiful lady, for your mothers on Mother's Day, for your couple on a meaningful day or just to say "I love you" in an original way. The recipient will receive it with great happiness and joy.

A rose is a living being and as such, it requires some conditions of maintenance so that it can prolong its life. Once they are cut, their duration is limited.

As is the norm in Telerosa, price won't be a problem, because you can enjoy this elegant product at a economical price. The illusion is only a click away from you on this website.


rose trio and plushtoy

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rose trio and plushtoy Red

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