Spiral Roses
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Roses and Chocolates with home delivery in your city to Spain

Roses and bonbons for gifts, all organized on a type of ZEN center with roses and a box of Catania chocolates, perfect for gifts and to surprise someone special and which also we can send at home with teleROSA

Can also be combined the roses of various colors according to your preferences, giving a special meaning to your gift, as well as including a congratulation message on a nice note, all with the box of chocolate bonbons surrounded by roses.

Gift of roses and chocolates, chocolate is synonymous of joy and vitality, roses a meaning of friendship, love and passion, both are an ideal combination for a cheerful atmosphere. Original and fun gift on special dates for both, men and women.

he floral arrangement is made of eight roses forming a spiral that gives personality and distinction because of its shape, together with the box of chocolate bonbons as part of the sparkle of the gift. With roses, success is guaranteed.

Special offer roses and chocolates for home delivery in Spain

Gift of roses and chocolate bonbons from cheap price plus delivery service. We sent a beautiful ZEN center with 8 roses and box of chocolate bonbons as soon as possible for a surprise birthday gift, anniversary or just to say I Love You.

Check availability at our website or directly ask our operators by chat you can see it at the bottom left on this page, as you will see we make it easy.


Spiral Roses

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