Big balloon gift boy
  • Big balloon gift boy

Send Big Balloon gift boy for home delivery in Spain

This is a cute sheep mother with a baby and several balloons and all this inside a great transparent balloon, forming an original set that will delight both adults and children.

A huge balloon and a stuffed sheep mother with a baby in her arms. It is available for home delivery and you can send it to the hospital too, using our home delivery service. This is a great way to delight the mother, she will receive it with a smile on her face.

In case this stuffed sheep is exhausted, we will send another one of similar characteristics.

Offer of Big Balloon gift boy for home or to maternity

This huge balloon contains a stuffed sheep with a baby sheep and several small balloons. Moreover, the balloon comes with a bright treatment and is crowned by a beautiful tie. Its base consists of another balloon with an elongated shape, forming a circle around the huge balloon, so that the gift keeps standing up straight.

This is a different and appropriate gift. By the way, it is amusing to see the illusion and the astonishment of the recipients when they see the great balloon with the sheep and her baby flooding the space with light and joy. In Telerosa, we take care and pamper every detail.


Big balloon gift boy

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