Baby boy motorbike
  • Baby boy motorbike

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Original gift composed of a beautiful blanket with gloves on two wheels made of diapers and a cute bib where a nice plush toy is placed, just as if it was a biker. This plush toy is holding a 50cm long blue eternal and lyophilized rose. This is the ideal gift for a mother who has just given birth. This is a very useful and practical present, because the mother will be using it since the first day.

It is designed with high quality fabric that has a very soft touch, especially for the baby. In this case the colour chosen is light blue, traditionally used in gifts for baby boys.

 This set of diapers, blanket, bib, plush toy and the eternal rose is a very cute and original gift, exclusive from Telerosa. The best of all is that, this is a very practical gift because of its content, wrapped as a funny motorcyclist bear.

Special offer Baby Boy Motorbike with home delivery in Spain

Due to its content and originality, you can order this product and give it as a gift in christenings or births, surprising the parents with its cute motorcyclist bear wrapping.

 This is a practical and original gift perfect for those occasions in which you want to surprise the mother!


Baby boy motorbike

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Baby boy motorbike

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