Stork balloon 6 roses
  • Stork balloon 6 roses

Gift Stork Balloom boy with 6 roses to send home or to the maternity in Spain

Giant balloom boy with 6 roses it's a giant balloon in the shape of aerostat with a magnificent floral arrangement of 6 Roses wrapped in a vegetable mantle with ferns and greens, plus a box of chocolates, it's the perfect gift for the new mom who just had a baby boy.

The protagonist of the Stork balloom boy with 6 roses and chocolates it is a big giant pink balloon will be visible from a distance before to get in to the room where mom and the baby is giving them a festive and funny environment.

The flower arrangement is made up with 6 fresh natural roses who have been chosen among the best in a selection of roses from Ecuador, grown in climatically perfect areas for development and handled with all the care necessary to maintain their color, naturalness, freshness and scent because in Telerosa we believe in quality.

Offer of Stork Balloom Boy for home or to maternity

This beautiful and original Stork balloom boy with 6 roses and chocolates is a perfect gift for babies and it's available to send to your couple, to hospitals or maternity in newborns, to the family, or friends you can order it for an economical price.

Remember that teleROSA is not just a florist shop, it's a factory of dreams, and this gift for babies will fully satisfy to your recipient, being sent by our home delivery service.


Stork balloon 6 roses

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Stork balloon 6 roses White Roses Child

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