Saint Jordi Centerpiece
  • Saint Jordi Centerpiece

12 Roses Saint Jordi Centerpiece

Warm centrepiece of 12 red roses, two balloons and a chocolates box presented in an elegant centrepiece decorated with the Catalonian Senyera and its colours, to be sent to home as a greeting present on April 23rd, Saint Jordi day and in any other date of the year.

IMPORTANT: While sending roses, do not forget that the heart of your gift is the message that accompanies them and, of course, sign it so that the recipient knows who is sending the flowers. Sometimes, some people decide not to sign the gift, our experience has taught us that this is a huge mistake that can turn a beautiful surprise into a uncomfortable situation. Please, don't make this mistake, because in such a case, teleROSA will never say who sends the gift and this will surely spoil your surprise.

Offer of the Saint Jordi Centerpiece

teleROSA has designed this centerpiece of roses thinking specially in those who feel the Catalonian Senyera in their hearts and we offer this fantastic floral arrangement to be delivered at home by surprise in any city in Catalonia and all the Peninsular Spanish long, always when it is done enough in advance to be delivered by courier service.


Saint Jordi Centerpiece

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