Bouquet 101 roses
  • Bouquet 101 roses

Magnificent Bouquet of 101 roses with home delivery

If you were looking for a gift to leave a special person in shock, this spectacular bouquet of 101 natural roses will not leave anyone indifferent. All our bouquets come with their corresponding natural green to contrast with the colour of the roses. Class and elegance in the same product, made up of the best 101 fresh roses. This huge bouquet will be a gift they will never forget.

At teleROSA Florist we take care of the smallest detail so you can attach to your bouquet the message you want, congratulations, apologies, love or just a gift because you feel like it.

We take care of preparing and delivering this incredible bouquet to your city by selecting the best fresh roses from Ecuador and we give you the option to choose, depending on availability, the colour of the roses. If you prefer, you can choose combined colours for your bouquet and add any of our multiple accessories.

Send incredible Bouquet of 101 roses to your city

If you were looking for a gift that houses class and elegance all in one, and also with the best selection of fresh natural roses, this bouquet of 101 roses will amaze anyone. It is not just any bouquet, it is one of the most spectacular products in our catalog and one of the most requested and favorites of our customers.

 Our team of florists will prepare this careful bouquet with care and you will only have to choose the colour of the roses.

If you are in doubt about which colour to select, the colour red never fails and is a symbol of love and passion. If you prefer, you can select combined colours and the result will be a colourful bouquet of 101 roses that will cheer and bring a smile to the person who receives it. Always prepared with its corresponding natural green and personalized with the message that you choose for the occasion.

 Dare to give the best and most spectacular of our selection of bouquets and leave the person you love the most impressed!


Bouquet 101 roses

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