Kiss Bouquet 6 roses
  • Kiss Bouquet 6 roses

Send Kiss bouquet of 6 Roses, available for home delivery in Spain

Rainbow kiss is the new multicolor rose of Telerosa, with an exclusive and unique presentation. This is a natural living rose whose petals make a rainbow with different colors. This is created through a complex process; because of this, the rainbow rose is a very limited and expensive one. But, in Telerosa, we are committed to offer the ultimate in flower creations. One example of this is the rainbow bouquet, that we produce in limited quantities.

This rose is so exclusive that we have a very limited stock, that's why it is not always available.

If they weren't available for the requested date, once your order is received, we will inform you so that we can change the delivery date or change this gift for a floral arrangement of similar price, but only with your consent.

As all the exclusive products of Telerosa, it is customized with the printed name of the recipient and a sealed envelope, to maintain the confidentiality of your words.

You can send this product by courier to any city of peninsular Spain, using our home delivery service.

Send Six Multicolor Roses, available for home delivery in Spain

Sometimes, it is important to surprise a special person on a significant date, but our experience shows that the excitement is greater when your gift is unexpected, on any given day.

We give you the opportunity to send this original bouquet of 6 multicolor rainbow roses, so that you can truly move that special someone.

You can send it to your couple, as a symbol of love, to a friend, as a token of gratitude or to your mother, who really deserves your love. But this is also the perfect gift for men, they will not remain indifferent to this beautiful bouquet of six multicolor roses.

Offer of Six Multicolor Roses with home delivery in Spain

You can send this beautiful bouquet of 6 multicolor roses, the best offer, because of its originality and exclusivity. In Telerosa florists, we have a good price so that you can enjoy this limited roses. We can send them to any city of peninsular Spain using our home delivery service.

Do not wait to much and dare to surprise! Success is guaranteed.

Don´t forget. Telerosa is a Factory of illusions, the ones we placet at your disposal to surprise and brighten to someone special in your life.


Kiss Bouquet 6 roses

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Kiss Bouquet 6 roses

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