Bouquet 25 roses
  • Bouquet 25 roses

Bouquet of 25 roses with express delivery

Beautiful bouquet of 25 spectacular roses with your chosen colour, red, white, pink or yellow to express in an awesome way all you want to convey in this special day.

We have an express delivery service throughout Spain to bring this beautiful bouquet today whatever your city was. This bouquet is made it at the same moment and place of destination, so it maintains its freshness, but it might be that some of the colors were not available and presentation may vary from the picture offered by reason of custom or availability.

If the color requested is not available at that time and city, we will inform you by telephone, if we fail to contact you we will be sent you an email offering alternatives to tell us your preference, if we do not get your response on time we will deliver in colour or colours available and we understand that over the colour of roses, the most important thing is deliver your bouquet and message.

Offer of Bouquet of 25 roses for home delivery in Spain

In teleROSA you will find the best price for a bouquet of 25 real roses, this bouquet is composed of roses of the highest quality imported from Ecuador and Colombia that its climate are the best for the roses in the world, not to be confused with offerings from some websites where you can find bouquets of 60 roses for a ridiculous price, which actually you receive are tiny mini branched roses that they cannot compare with our bouquet of 25 roses.

Every detail of a bouquet has its importance and of course the color too, so we want to give these keys to help you choose the right colour:

RED, red rose symbolizes passion and couple love fundamentally, however you can also send red roses for any other reason, the reasons for this are: red roses are the most lasting than any other colour because they are more resistant to heat, are those most are sold and are available mostly in all the florists, they usually have a nice big head.

WHITE, white rose symbolizes purity and is therefore a very appropriate colour to send a / a guy / a young, also as a thank you and apologize for some small error, but in any case that you transmits great frankness you can use it by almost any reason. They usually last as much as red roses and usually have a very large head which makes them very special.

PINK, pink rose is the most used especially to convey love but not passion, it is usually the queen on Mother's Day and also it is very used to congratulate daughter teenager on her birthday. Convey like any other color affection and selfless love. They have also generally large head and so beautiful.

YELLOW, yellow rose symbolizes like any other friendship and for that is the most sent between friends, it is a very beautiful and powerful colour, but it has several factors working against its that you should know before applying yellow roses: yellow rose cannot endure the heat so they last short time, in fact, we usually haven't in summer on our catalog for this reason, it has smaller head than other colours and usually has very low availability. Combine yellow roses and other colour it is not a good idea because they are smaller than other colours.


Bouquet 25 roses

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