Ramo de 19 Rosas
  • Ramo de 19 Rosas

Bouquet of 19 roses to send at home today in all Spain

If you are 19 years old or if your nineteenth anniversary, teleROSA has the perfect bouquet of 19 roses for the occasion, made up of spectacular roses selected among the best in the world so you cannot forget a single day.

If you met on 19th day, maybe sending a bouquet of 19 roses in the first months of your relationship is a perfect way to tell that you have this date always in mind.

We have also a service delivery that allows us to deliver today this branch in any city of Spain where the lucky person is, the bouquet of 19 white roses is the perfect gift for a man, and if it is a princess we recommend you bouquet of 19 pink roses, although, of course, the red colour never fails. Now if you just need to decide what colour you want for your unique bouquet of 19 roses.

Offer of Bouquet of 19 roses for home delivery in Spain

The best offer for a bouquet of 19 roses is certainly in teleROSA and not only for its good price, but the quality, presentation and service that we will provide you from the first moment, until finally it is delivered successfully.

Of course a brunch like that could not go unaccompanied by the greeting or thank message you must think and compose using the right words to convey everything your heart tells you, the message should not be very long, about 20-30 words but very well composed and of course your name or nickname so he/she knows that you are the sender. In any case if poetry is not your thing you can place your order by phone and an operator will help you to write a nice message.

Select the appropriate colour according to the occasion and taste of the recipient, but for love reasons, red never fails.


Bouquet 19 Roses

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