Ramo 30 rosas
  • Ramo 30 rosas

Bouquet with 30 magnificent roses with delivery at home

Thirty years is fulfilled only at 30 years and certainly deserve a magnificent bouquet of 30 roses as we make it in teleROSA to make unforgettable this special day in the life of this beloved person, of course we accompany it with different green and wrap matching to make it unique and unrepeatable.

Could be chosen in red, pink, white and even combination of these colors in the fall and winter season also we have yellow color, which it is retreated when temperatures rise because it is a very delicate color and, the same as chocolates, can not stand the heat.

Offer of 30 roses bouquet at home

To a perfect finish of you bouquet of 30 roses, you must choose some nice words of greeting that will be included in a sealed envelope. Besides, to get an unbeatable price is very important that you make your order in advance so you can enjoy our special offer for the bouquet of thirty roses.


Bouquet of 30 roses

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Bouquet of 30 roses Red

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From 95.90 €
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