Bouquet 23 Roses
  • Bouquet 23 Roses

Bouquet of twenty three roses to give away in Spain

If the 23 is special in your life, in Telerosa we have a bouquet of 23 roses to commemorate that moment, the number 23 is related to freedom, change and start again.

Although it has nothing to celebrate with the number 23, it is a good idea to buy a bouquet of 23 roses top quality to be original and have a different detail with a special number, twenty-three.

Special Offer Bouquet of 23 natural Roses in Spain

Our bouquets of roses are continually in special offer with competitive prices due to the big demand we have of bouquets of 23 roses and bouquets of roses in general, place your order now and take advantage of low prices in bouquets of roses.


Bouquet 23 Roses

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