Bouquet 7 roses
  • Bouquet 7 roses

Sending bouquet of 7 roses to home address brings good luck to who gives and who receives

7 roses is definitely the lucky bouquet of roses to send home address to the person to whom you wish luck in special moments. You can choose them in only one color: red, white, pink or yellow, except in summer season as we remove the yellow color because it withstands heat and breaks too soon, or you can combine these colors to symbolize what you consider is relevant.

Special offer of bouquet 7 roses to send to work or at home

In Telerosa we have a very special offer in the bouquet of seven roses whenever you place your order with enough time in advance, plus a lovely personalized bouquet with the name of the recipient that will certainly give luck, we attach an elegant sealed envelope where in a confidential way we print your words of love, greeting or grateful.


Bouquet 7 roses

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