Bouquet of Daisies
  • Bouquet of Daisies

Bouquet of Daisies available for home delivery in Spain

This is a beautiful bouquet of Daisies, made of common daisy or mural daisy, they are perfect to welcome the spring, becauses they usually flourish at this season. We all can see these flowers growing up in parks, meadows or fields.

Normal Size: 5 Sticks of Daisies and greens

Large Size: 7 Sticks of Daisies and greens

Deluxe Size: 10 Daisy Sticks accompanied by ornamental greens

They are the ideal gift for birthdays, for your first date with that special someone, for decorating a centerpiece in a natural and joyful way, for sending to the hospital, for giving a calming floral touch...

The white colour of their petals, the yellow colour in the center, and the green plants, gives a striking visual effect. Moreover, the older the daisies become, the pinkish they become.

Offer of Bouquet of Daisies for home delivery in Spain

As is customary in Telerosa, the price won't be a problem. You can order this Bouquet of Daisies at an economic price and give it as a gift. With our home delivery service you can enjoy it anywhere, we will send your recipient a beautiful bouquet of fresh seasonal daisies, that may be white, purple, yellow, wild daisy or bellorita daisy, distinguished by its bigger flowers.

This is is a great complement for a surprise birthday gift, you can give it in your anniversary, for saying "I love you". These flowers always gives a young and daring touch. They can be used to decorate your desktop, bureau, balcony... You can send this Bouquet of Daisies to the hospital too. They are the ideal gift in any occasion, you only have to attach a personal message, and the surprise will be delightful.

Daisies are known to be used in a loving ritual, in such a way that, we take away, one by one, all the petals of a daisy, while saying "He/She loves me", "He/She loves me not", "He/She loves me", "He/She loves me not"... until we take away the last petal, that determines if that special someone is in love with us or not.


Bouquet of Daisies

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