Big Balloon basket Roses
  • Big Balloon basket Roses
  • Big Balloon basket Roses

Big Balloon basket roses for home delivery in Spain

A giant hand-made wicker basket with 24 roses, ferns and various green plants. They are mixed and matched so that they form a homogeneous whole. This basket is crowned by a giant colored balloon with different designs for birthdays, for saying "I love you", for sending to a hospital,...

You can combine the colour of the roses to suit your own personal taste using two or three colours, depending on stock availability, to create a stunning combination for every occasion.

As is the norm in Telerosa florists, the flowers used are fresh and natural, carefully chosen from the best Ecuadorian roses, grown in climatically perfect areas for their development. Moreover, these roses are manipulated with the necessary care to keep their colour, natural condition and freshness.

Offer of Super-Balloon Basket with 24 Roses to send home in Spain

This gift will amaze children and adults when they see the giant balloon coming. It will take center stage thanks to the contrast between the roses and the green plants around them, together with the giant balloon.

A beautiful basket with 24 roses and a Giant Balloon for sending to your couple, to a hospital, to a relative, to a friend, in a birthday or even in enterprise meals.

You can order this basket for a small amount of money, and give it as a gift using our home delivery service, so that you can enjoy it anywhere.


Big Balloon basket Roses

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Big Balloon basket Roses Red

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