Basket of 50 Roses
  • Basket of 50 Roses

Magnificent Basket with 50 Roses for home delivery in any location in Spain

Impressive set with 50 roses on a beautiful hand-made centerpiece prepared by our specialized florists. The beauty of the rose makes it be the Queen of the flowers, and in this great centerpiece the roses are even more attractive, since there are so many of them. Their colour contrast with the green plants and ferns that surround them, in harmony with the basket.

This is the ideal gift for mom on Mother's Day, for the golden anniversaries that, as we know, are celebrated after 50 years of marriage, as a proof of love and a sign of gratitude. You can add more roses on the next step of the purchase, for example, if you are celebrating a persons 54th birthday, we can add 3 more roses. We adapt ourselves to your needs and requests.

Of course, it is ideal to complement this wonderful gift with a customized note where you can write the message you'd like to convey to the special recipient of this great Basket with 50 roses. Use your imagination and let your feelings run wild! If you wish, our operators can help you to design the perfect message, after all, they have been creating bouquets and baskets of illusion for years.

Offer of Basket with 50 Roses for home delivery in Spain

There is always a reason to give roses as a gift, because of their great symbolism, depending on its color. For example, red roses mean love and passion; pink roses mean tolerance, respect and sympathy; white roses mean innocence and purity, yeloow roses mean envy, jealousy and friendship too; orange roses mean exalted passion; clared-red roses mean beauty and elegance and black roses mean sex or death.

Because if this, we all will find a good occasion to give roses as a gift. That's why in Telerosa, there is always availability, so that you can surprise anyone.

In Telerosa, we have a great florist-shop, of course, but we like to call ouserlves "Factory of Illusions", because our baskets, our bouquets, our flowers and all our floral products are prepared with affection, so that they can move that special someone and give him/her the illusion we all want to feel.


Basket of 50 Roses

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