Mini Center of 6 Roses
  • Mini Center of 6 Roses

Mini center of roses, balloons and chocolates, elegant gift to send at home

This is an elegant center with 6 natural roses with nice floral green backgrounds, a box of Catania chocolates and several balloons of 3 and 5 inches, making a formidable set to be given away on special occasions you choose it.

Such occasions like birthday, to gift on the Holy's Day or just because you want to and want to brighten the day to that special person in your life, there is always a time in our lives to get out some of the continuous activity of our jobs and occupations and make a small parenthesis to cause a big smile.

For that, we've thought about an attractive floral product like this which brings elegance and colorful without high price, reach of any economy so that it can enjoy the company of their loved ones.

Offer of Mini center of roses with home delivery service in Spain

Center of 6 roses likes everyone because of variety of gifts it has, you can enjoy at home with children or with grandmothers due the chocolates included in the set, rich  chocolates that it will shake everyone. Balloons provide the crowning touch of fun and festive gift and it causing smile of young and old people when they see it coming.

Not Mini means less because this beautiful center with 6 natural roses, chocolates and balloons will delight the recipient. With a declaration of love, or birthday or any other occasion where give a touch of joy and color, besides enjoying a super affordable price.

We have different reasons on balloons giving a personalized touch, and if you have any questions or need any clarification of this or about any product you can contact us via chat at the left bottom of the web during normal business office hours, our operators will attend directly.


Mini Center of 6 Roses

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