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As you know, Florist teleROSA loves flowers. And in this occasion we approach you at the floral customs of Ávila.

How much do you know about this city? Do you know enough about its flora?

Do not stay with the plot and ... READ!

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Ávila province is located immediately west of the community of Madrid and its capital is its namesake Ávila. One aspect that will undoubtedly draw attention to this province is its diverse terrain full of variants, can differentiate in areas of the north, south and center. Northern area would highlight the composition of plains and plateaus; in the central area we can enjoy taking part in numerous mountains with its diversity; Finally, in the south we can emphasize its low altitude and slightly better than in the other zones climate. But there is only diversity of landscape, also has an extensive network of rivers that cross the province completely, we highlight the major rivers Duero and Tajo, but not only these rivers cross their land, others as the de Tormes, Alberche and Tiétar also cross this magnificent landscape.

The landscape could be considered like a monument of the province, but like man-made monument could highlight undoubtedly the Cathedral of Salvador de Ávila.

Architecture and Monuments

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In the historic town of Ávila it can still appreciates its medieval walled aforementioned and Cathedral of Salvador, whose helmet is qualified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site since 1985. The cultural interest of Ávila is very high, consisting as goods over such cultural interest about 97 items by the year 2009. The list includes architecture as the Walls of Ávila, , the castle of the Sad Countess, the cathedral, other churches such as Santa Maria La Mayor ... in short, a wide list makes the envy of many provinces. There are also several archaeological sites and remains of the forts of Ulaca or Raso.

There is a kind of monument very own of the province, called Verracos, which are shaped with sculptures of bulls or pigs established in areas formerly dominated the vetona culture.

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Important days for teleROSA florist in Ávila - Ávila

teleROSA Florists in Ávila - Ávila organizes Valentine´s Day 8 to 14th February 2024. The Valentine's Day is celebrated, it is tradition to send a bouquet of red roses to couples of lovers to celebrate the day of love and passion in society. See bouquets of flowers for Valentine´s Day.

teleROSA Florists en Ávila - Ávila organizes the day of Sant Jordi, April 23rd, 2024. San Jorge, patron Saint of Aragon, Caceres, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, is a long tradition in Catalonia give a rose and a book in homage to the saint who saved the village from the attack of the dragon, according to legend.

teleROSA Florists en Ávila - Ávila organizes Mother's Day, First Sunday of May, 2024. A nice day in spring to do a tribute to Mom and send her a bouquet of flowers to celebrate their day and of course in society with all her children.

teleROSA Florists en Ávila - Ávila organizes Christmas, December 22nd, 2023 to January 6th, 2024. Birthday of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem on December 25th, traditionally people gather with family to celebrate all together a very intimate party. See bouquets of flowers with special discount for Christmas.

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In teleROSA Florists we know that one of the most important aspects for our clients is the delivery of their bouquet, that’s why we have distributors who knows that the most important thing is not the flowers themselves, but the excitement it causes in the time to be delivered, so each branch is treated as gently as possible and try to keep the surprise at all times. In addition, once your bouquet is delivered, we will send a SMS confirmation at the mobile to have the assurance that they have already received.

February 14th, Valentine's Day sending bouquets of roses to Ávila with teleROSA Florists

The Valentine’s Day, for teleROSA Florists is undoubtedly the most important day of the year, demand for sending bouquets of roses at home is so important, we have to prepare for weeks in advance, and to make all deliveries registered in some cities have to hire drivers who work exclusively throughout the Valentine's Day flowers and carrying their feelings to the address of the person you love.

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Security payment on shopping online, is a major issue for teleROSA Florists, so we offer different payment options and all with the maximum safety. For your peace, you can do it by PayPal or virtual dataphone directly at https bank, in these cases teleROSA never has access to your card, but you can also buy your roses and pay by Bank transfer but to buy with this method you need at least two days in advance of the desired delivery date. Customers who already trust on teleROSA Florists pay with their credit card by phone, it is a very fast and convenient way for the customer, you can make your purchase safely online, select card payment by phone and then we confirm you that we have successfully received your order and arrange payment in this case the payment is made during the call itself and the card information, once confirmed the payment are erase.