Catalog of flowers and roses in Spain Catalog of flowers and roses in Spain

Flowers and gifts for the Sant Jordi Day with teleROSA Florists

It is customary to give red roses on Sant Jordi Day, throughout Spain we have the best bouquets of roses and seasonal flowers for this special date especially in Catalonia, if you wish you can call us at the toll free 900264088 to place your order.

Saint Jordi Day, roses and bouquets of flowers

teleROSA Florist has a home delivery service of roses and bouquets of flowers to send to your city in Saint Jordi day, with a wide assortment of products: baskets, bouquets of flowers, fresh natural roses, eternal roses and many other personalized gifts so you can surprise someone special in Saint Jordi day. teleROSA makes it easy, you can order your flowers to be sent to any city in Spain in just few minutes via online.

You can order your flowers for Saint Jordi today for such special person you are thinking in, so this day can be very special, you just need to indicate the province, city and date of delivery that you want and it will appear in the web the range of products that teleROSA Florist has for that city in that day. You must have in count that if you choose one of the products that are delivered by courier service, you must do your order enough in advance.

The 23rd of April is Saint Jordi day, a good reason for sending a bouquet of roses to your couple, is a date with high relevance in Catalonia but every day is celebrated in more cities, it is traditional to gift some red roses. teleROSA offers different options in bouquets and centres adapted to any budget, though the really important is the detail itself, independently its price or size, you can include a personal note composed with good taste, that surely will be the most important thing in the present.

teleROSA Florist with home delivery, nothing easier to send your bouquet of flowers to any city in Saint Jordi day.

Through the chat of teleROSA we can help you in any part of the buying process or solve any doubt you could have about our flowers, our services, your order, etc. You just have to do click on it and write your question, a teleROSA operator will answer you on the fly. It's a kind of pink balloon which is located in the left bottom side of your screen, if it doesn't appear is because we are closed in that moment or for technical reasons that won't allow us to offer this direct and fast helping channel.

The bouquets of flowers of teleROSA Florists in Saint Jordi

In teleROSA Florist you could find that gift you were looking for so the Saint Jordi day can be unforgettable. In all the provinces of the national geography teleROSA Florist offers a great variety of bouquets of flowers so you can choose the one that you like most. It doesn't matter if the recipient is a man or a woman , because teleROSA has a wide range of bouquets of flowers, natural roses, eternal roses and centres of flowers or roses with champagne or Rioja wine, all with home delivery in Saint Jordi day, in the city where the person who receives is.

Now with teleROSA Florist we can deliver in your couple's home the flowers for Saint Jordi, even if he/she is in another city for trade motives, in the hotel room where he/she can be, a wonderful bouquet of roses to remind your love in an original and different way.

Home delivery of roses to celebrate Saint Jordi

It's time for giving to that wonderful woman a different and original detail, for your mother, your couple, your wife, a friend or for your daughter. With teleROSA Florist you can deliver to home your bouquet of roses, centre of flowers or even some indoor plants together with a beautiful chocolates box so your message can be received in the softer way. Make her laugh with teleROSA, for very little money you can excite her and turn Saint Jordi into an unforgettable and special day. You know, in teleROSA Florists we are experts in exciting.

teleROSA Florist has also offers with some bouquets or centres of flowers with home delivery in any point of the national geography at a cheaper price, you can see them in the offer window that you will find in the top bar of the page, you will only need to do your order in that moment without worrying about the delivery date to be later, so you will be able to enjoy the most demanded products in each province, in Saint Jordi date.

Bouquets of eternal roses to celebrate Saint Jordi

If you want your present to be original and lasting, teleROSA Florist offers also in Saint Jordi, the eternal rose. They are natural lyophilized roses, submitted to a process which removes their humidity so they can last for years with the appearance of a fresh rose.

We have a wide range of colours: blue, white, pink, red, yellow, orange and black, all with different presentations: eternal bouquets, baskets and centres of eternal roses.

You just have to decide which one you prefer and compose the message that we will give in a sealed envelope, tomorrow you can receive them at home through courier service.