Basket 12 Eternal Roses
  • Basket 12 Eternal Roses

Basket 12 Eternal Roses, available for home delivery in Spain

In this case, the flower used is an eternal rose which has been lyophilised. In other words, the water and the moisture have been removed to avoid that the rose withers. That's how we keep the rose in its natural colour and shape state over the years without any maintenance or water.

This product has 12 eternal roses ready to be placed into a basket, so that you can decorate whatever room. All this with an exclusive presentation of Telerosa.

These roses have been lyophilised, and that's how we keep them in their natural colour and shape state over the years without any maintenance or water.

Offer of Basket 12 Eternal Roses with home delivery service in Spain

We only recommend you to keep them away from moisture places, from the dust and from the sun. These simple tips will allow you to enjoy your eternal roses for many years.

You can buy this eternal roses for an economic price. This is the ideal gift and it is totally worth it, because you have the opportunity to surprise and brighten someone's day only a click away from Telerosa florist.

In Telerosa florist, we work with illusion in order to get a smile, and we prepare our products in a desirable way, but functional, so that they can be sent to any city of Spain using our home delivery service.


Basket 12 Eternal Roses

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