Valentine's flowers at home in SpainValentine's flowers at home in Spain

Valentine's Flowers at home in Spain

Sending flowers for Valentine's Day at home with teleROSA is an experience that will raise your heart rate and that of your partner. If you want to surprise her on February 14 with wonderful red roses, at home or work, make your reservation in advance and take advantage of our discounts

* Our prices are different according to delivery date, city of destination and advance with which you place your order. The prices shown are for the majority of populations in mainland Spain, for some cities, the Islands, Ceuta and Melilla the prices vary, you must select the province, destination city and delivery date to know the specific price at this time.

Valentine's Day roses in Spain 2023

When is Valentine's Day in Spain? We all know that February 14 is a special day, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, a special date in which love is the protagonist and all lovers communicate it by giving red roses to their partners who they make feel special with a detail. in the form of flowers so full of symbolism. It is an ingrained tradition to deliver flowers at home in Spain to celebrate this special moment.

On this joyous day, the first moments when we met our partner are relived, the nervousness of the moment together with the unrepeatable anecdotes that this situation usually causes, fills us with joy to think that it has been worth all this time and we want to thank you with a nice bouquet of flowers or buy red roses to send to our partner.

When we are in love we feel a joy and vibrations that make us feel good with ourselves, making us more complete by feeling loved, this makes that state take shape in the environment and somehow transfer to those around us. We encourage you to send a nice message with roses or flowers at home to share in that feeling.

At teleROSA Florists you will find exclusive gift ideas to amaze your partner on Valentine's Day or to let him/her know your feelings if you are not yet your partner and you want to declare. You will find the best gift to take the step between a great offer in roses, flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates and accessories that you will quickly choose with a beautiful message in which to convey your intentions here in Spain, at the best price.

You can send Valentine´s Roses to any city in Spain and also to:

When is Valentine's Day in Spain

Valentine's Day in Spain is celebrated every year on February 14th. It is also known as the day of love and friendship in Spain. There are couples who after many years of relationship are the ones who are most grateful that on Valentine's Day their spouse/husband does not forget to give them a message of love in the form of a bouquet of roses at home that without words says: “You make me very happy loving me, but I am happier loving you "

For love to last, you have to take care of it, not forget the essence of its existence, pamper it to remember how important it is and how much it means in our life, that is why it is good to take advantage of the date of Valentine's Day and send some beautiful flowers to your home, a bouquet of red roses or any other gift to our partner, we will be building the pillars of a long relationship. Because when teleROSA goes to a home here also in Spain to deliver some flowers, we witness the face of joy and emotion that the gift awakens in its happy recipient.

How is Valentine's Day celebrated in Spain

On Valentine's Day in Verona, the Italian city where the famous love story between Romeo and Juliet took place, hundreds of tourists flock to leave their love letters under Juliet's balcony. At the end of the day the letters are read and the most beautiful one is chosen before the attentive gaze of the public.

If you wish, teleROSA can send your message and a bouquet of red roses at home, bouquets of flowers and chocolates or whatever accessory you prefer to deliver to your partner wherever he or she lives or works anywhere in Spain.

Day of love and friendship in Spain

What day is Valentine's Day? On February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day and the most precious gift is the red rose, which transmits love and passion for the person you love. It is the most demanded plant and because of this, the stock of red roses in warehouses and nurseries of some 8s may run out, even here in Spain, so we always notify our customers to order in advance and not run out flowers.

Buy red roses for Valentine's day in Spain

By placing your order a few days in advance, you will have reserved your flowers at home and your Valentine's red roses together with the complement that you want to attach as chocolates, stuffed animals, balloons or champagne to ensure that the flowers arrive in Spain on time on February 14th.

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