Roses Funeral Cushion
  • Roses Funeral Cushion
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Send Funeral Cushion with Roses to a cementery or a funeral home

Funeral Cushion with roses and seasonal flowers, prepared in traditional way by our florists and square shaped.

It is prepared on a base made of sponge, with water, to keep the roses fresh as long as possible and it is normally accompanied by ties or other decorative elements in purple and white.

Sending a funeral cushion is a very appropiate way of expressing sympathy to the deceased's family or friends, at such a delicate and painful moment as this.

It includes a reminder belt where you can write a sentence, your condolences or a memory from the deceased's relatives, friends or colleagues.

Funeral Cushion with roses with delivery to cemetery

The funeral cushion is a floral arrangement traditional of Cataluña and the East of Spain. The Funeral Cushion is normally smaller and more economic than other funeral arrangements, such as wreaths. Despite this, it is an elegant floral arrangement to express your condolences.

This is prepared along the way, it is quickly ready to send to any cementery or funeral home, even on Sundays and holidays. You only have to place your order during our opening hours.


Roses Funeral Cushion

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