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Valentine´s Day Terms 2022

For Valentine’s Day, order your gift before Saturday to take advantage of our special offers.

Get better prices by placing your order IN ADVANCE to send them between the 10th and the 15th of February and enjoy the whole Valentine’s weekend with your partner.

To enjoy the better prices and a bigger gifts catalogue, do your order in advance. If not, some products may not be available at the last time.

Give love, surprise and excitement with Telerosa this Valentine’s Day!

Roses, flowers and gifts for Valentine

Terms of delivery for Valentine’s Day 2022


Deliveries will be made throughout the day you chose when the order was placed. We will do everything we can to deliver according to your preference of schedule, however, due to possible Covid-19 restrictions and the large volume of deliveries during this busy time of the year, we cannot guarantee a specific time of arrival.


In Valentine's Day all roses will be served in RED despite you indicating another colour. For February 14th we do not have other colour roses.


You must place your order as far in advance as possible on the delivery date you want. In any case, the orders made less than 72 hours ahead of the delivery date you want, could be delayed without this being a breach on our part.


For technical questions, during Valentine’s campaign we cannot take pictures of each order as we usually do, so we will not be able to make it available for your disposal in those orders that are delivered between February 6th and 15th inclusive.


Between 10th to 15th February inclusive, any query you wish to make about your order, you must do it by writing in our contact form, select the subject "Queries VALENTINE" and indicate your order’s number, there you can send us your query or Any incidence that we will respond to the greatest possible, but given the saturation of our central quarters these days is impossible to answer by telephone. Please DO NOT call to ask, operators do not have data about the status of delivery of your order.


Given the high saturation of deliveries, it is not possible to confirm each delivery as it occurs, this does not mean that your order has not been delivered, simply that we will not be able to confirm its delivery on the website where the status can continue "Activated" even though it might already be delivered.

Regarding the confirmation by TEXT that we usually do, it could be that because of the saturation of the system, the text will not reach you or it could arrive long after the delivery actually occurred.

From the 15th of February you can request the confirmation of delivery of your order in case you need it, by email or phone.


If the delivery address is incorrect or there is no one at the address indicated, please ensure that you provide us with the mobile phone of the recipient and the full and correct postal address, also, try to make sure that at least someone will be at the address to receive the gift.

If the address is incorrect, our courier will call once to the recipient’s telephone you facilitated us with, if it is incorrect, we get no answer or the phone is switched off, the order will not be delivered until the following day.

If at the indicated address there is no one, we will call the mobile of the recipient, leave a note under the door or try to leave it with the next door neighbor (if they accept), if we do not get a solution at that time, your floral arrangement will not be delivered until the day following.

If the destination place is a work center or public or private body that DOES NOT allow us to deliver in hand to the recipient, we will leave it in his/her name at the reception if possible, if leaving it at reception is not allowed, it will not be delivered until the following day, previous confirmation with the recipient.

In no case may it be considered a breach from our part, the orders that cannot be delivered on the date chosen, due to an address error, no telephone number of the receiver, refusal to admit it, force majeure events or Covid-19 related issues, that the receiver is not in the indicated address or rules of the place of destination that prevent us from fulfilling the task, such as institutes, hospitals, work centers, etc. In these cases we will give the customer/receiver an address where he can withdraw its bouquet the following day.

From February 17th your floral arrangement will not be able to be delivered and our delivery commitment will be fulfilled without the possibility of claiming a refund nor the delivery of a new bouquet.

If delivery cannot be performed for any reason for which Telerosa or its organization is responsible, the customer may request at his/her preference the refund of the total amount of the order or a new delivery at a later date.


For deliveries in between the 10th and 15th of February, we only accept cancellations or modifications only if these are asked by email or 72 hours before. Cancellations requested less than 72 hours in advance do not have the right of refund.

As every year we will put all our effort to deliver each bouquet to its recipient in the requested time. Rest assured that your order is in the best hands and that our team is committed to the customer’s satisfaction.

These conditions complement, but do not nullify, the General Conditions.

Valentine's catalog

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