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Valentine 2020

Make your order in advance and get Hearts-Coupons

The sooner you make your Valentine's order, the more hearts you'll get. You can get until 3 exclusive advantages:


: THE BEST PRICE, guaranteed. Place your order now and you can get up to 20% savings. The prices indicated at each moment for each destination already have the discount made, but if you leave it for tomorrow the price will gradually increase, in addition, the available units of each gift are limited and can be used up.


: Your ORDER can be FREE. If you place the order to deliver on Valentine's Day before February 10 and the last 2 digits of your order * match in the same position with the last two draws of the ONCE of February 14, 2020, we will refund 100% of the amount.


: GUARANTEE of delivery on February 14th or refund of the total amount in case the order is not delivered on Valentine's Day for cause imputable to Telerosa or its organization **.

* The order’s number that participates in the raffle of your FREE order is the number that our web site assign you if they successfully complete the order on, if you place the order by phone or in the store the operator that will attend you will tell you your number of the order, which is the one assigned by our computer program.

** It is not included in the delivery guarantee that orders that the receiving not allow us to deliver, refuse delivery, no one is in the place of destination when our delivery person passes or those whom we not have the mobile number and address who to receive complete and correct.

Roses, flowers and gifts for Valentine

Terms of delivery Valentine 2020

The date of payment of the same will be considered as the order date and in the cases of payment by transfer the effective payment date in the Telerosa account.

The prices indicated on this website are "from" because they depend on the city of destination, the date of delivery selected and the time in advance you place your order, to know the total price you must select the product, indicate the province (for example: Madrid, the city: Aranjuez) and the desired delivery date, at that moment we will show the final price with delivery and all inclusive if you place the order at that time. After January 31, prices will increase progressively up to 35% depending on product and destination, and some products will be sold out.


Deliveries will be made on February 14th when possible unless you hire one of the Premium delivery services available by destination zone. However, if you do not want to pay the Premium delivery you can indicate your preference for delivery in the morning until 3 pm or after 2 pm. We will try as far as possible to deliver it according to your preference, but given the large volume of deliveries in that days there could be some delay or even advancement due to distribution routes.


In Valentine's Day all roses will be served in RED color, although you indicate another colour. For February 14th we do not have another colour of roses.


You must make your order with at least 24 hours in advance to be able to guarantee delivery on February 14th, if you make it later, normally it will be delivered correctly but we can not guarantee it.


During the campaign of Valentine for technical questions we can not take pictures of each order as we usually do, so we will not be able to make it available for your disposal in those orders that are delivered between February 6th and 15th inclusive.


Between 11st to 14th February inclusive, any query you wish to make about your order, you must do it by writing in our contact form, select the subject "Queries VALENTINE" and indicate your order’s number, there you can send us your query or Any incidence that we will respond to the greatest possible, but given the saturation of our central quarters these days is impossible to answer by telephone. Please DO NOT call to ask, operators do not have data about the status of delivery of your order.


Given the high saturation of deliveries for February 14th, it is not possible to confirm each delivery as it occurs, this does not mean that your order has not been delivered, simply means that we will not be able to confirm its delivery on the website where the status can continue "Activated" even though it is already delivered.

Regarding the confirmation by SMS that we usually do, it could be that the saturation of the system does not reach or arrive long after the delivery actually occurred.

From the 15th of February you can request the confirmation of delivery of your order in case you need it, by email or phone.


The delivery address is incorrect or there is no one at the address indicated, please ensure that you provide us the mobile phone of the recipient and the full and correct postal address, as well as someone will be at the address to receive the gift.

If the address is incorrect, the courier man will call once to the facilitated telephone of the person who receives, if it is incorrect, or not answer or the phone call is not available, the order can not be delivered until the following day.

If at the indicated address there is no one, we will call the mobile of the recipient, leave a note under the door or try to leave it to the next neighbor if it accept, if we do not get a solution at that time, your floral arrangement can not be delivered until the day following.

If the destination place is a work center or public or private body that DOES NOT allow us to deliver in hand to the recipient, we will leave it in his/her name at the reception if possible, if to leave there is not allowed, it can not be delivered until the day Following, previous confirmation with the recipient.

In no case may it be considered a breach by us the orders that can not be delivered on February 14th by address error, no telephone number of the receiver, refusal to admit it, that the receiver is not in the indicated address or rules of the place of destination that prevent us from fulfilling the task, such as institutes, hospitals, work centers, etc. In these cases we will give the customer/receiver an address where he can withdraw its bouquet the following day.

From February 17th your floral arrangement will not be able to be delivered and our delivery commitment is fulfilled without the possibility of claiming a return or delivery of a new branch.

If delivery can not be performed for any reason for which Telerosa or its organization is responsible, the customer may request at his / her preference the return of the total amount of the order or delivery at a later date.


For deliveries on 12nd, 13th and 14th of February, we only accept cancellations or modifications of message or delivery address until the 10th of February, if requested subsequently any change has a cost of 10 € when ever it is possible to manage it. Cancellations requested less than 72 hours in advance do not have the right to refund the amount of the order.

As every year we will put all our effort to deliver each bouquet in the requested time and the recipient, last year we achieved in more than 99% of cases, this year we aim to achieve 100%. Rest assured that your order is in the best hands and that our team is committed to the customer satisfaction.

These conditions complement, but do not negate, the General Conditions.

Valentine's catalog