Many of our exclusives products for certains cities of the iberian península, in Spain, are sent with all of the needed cares by courier, with the company "MRW". In such cases you should also know:

What happens if the order can't be delivered by the date agreed?


If, for whatever reason your order can't be delivered by the date you requested, we will call the recipient or you, just to let you know. We will also give you delivery alternatives. If we are unable to contact neither the recipient nor you, we will try again to deliver your order the following business day.


How do I track the deliver of my order?


You can check the status of your order logging in MY ORDER,

Enter the number of your order and the password you chose. Once your order arrives to the courier company, we will send you your delivery code, which has to be entered on the MRW Website so you can check the whole shipment progress. However, sometimes the information of their website is not updated. Anyway, you can request for information on this telephone number 902 300 400, using the same delivery code.

When will my order be delivered?


MRW will deliver your order as soon as possible during the requested day, from 9:00 to 19:00H, Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 13:00h on Saturdays. If you tell us an specific delivery time, in the morning or in the afternoon, we will let them know and they can normally achieve it. However, their delivery commitment is during the day.

What would happen if the recipient wasn't in the address indicated?


If we can't find anybody on the destination, MRW will leave a note and try to contact the recipient telephonically to manage the delivery, by agreeing a new delivery time or, if you prefer, you can pop into the MRW offices and collect it. In the end, they will try the delivery again the following day.


Finally, if the recipient can't be found or if this person doesn't want to accept the gift, you'll can collect your order in the destiny MRW office. If you want it to be delivered in another adress, you must manage it with MRW (Tl. 902 300 400) and pay the amount they request.

What should I do if my gift arrives damaged from transportation?

In Telerosa we prepare all the sendings carefully so that your flowers arrive in perfect condition and it occurs in 99% of cases. However, if by accident in handling during transportation have arrived damaged, you should do the following:

One or more photos at the same moment you open the package where we can clearly see the entire gift received and the carton.

After that pls send an email to with the photos and a clarification or explanation on the way in which you received.

We will verify the possible transport damage and we wil transmit a claim with the Courier company with the documentation provided.

In any case, be sure that that we will find an appropriate and satisfactory solution for you in the shortest possible time.

However, both the photos and the mail should be sent inmmediately when you receive the gift. We cannot consider accident during transportation the claims received some time after, because we could not know whether the accident occurred during transport or after delivery.

Terms and Conditions of Courier Service.

As indicated in our Terms of Use, TELEROSA makes the delivers on request and under the responsibility of our customers with MRW company. Therefore, once the order is delivered to this Courier Company, our service has successfully concluded.

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