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TriEternity Eternal Rose

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TriEternity, the natural eternal Rose, available for home delivery in Spain

In this case, the flower used is an ETERNAL rose which has been lyophilised. In other words, the water and the moisture have been removed to avoid that the rose withers. That's how we keep the rose in its natural colour and shape state over the years without any maintenance or water.

The set is composed of a natural ETERNAL rose surrounded by small green plants which enhance its colour. All this is placed on an exclusive, rigid and transparent case where the rose is well visible and with the name and the date of the recipient printed on a label, at the bottom.

TriEternity is a unique product with a formidable advantage, it keeps the characteristics and the beauty of the roses but without their sensibility and short duration. The rose can be kept invariable for years, in its case, with the colour and the brightness of the first day. In this way, the memory of that special day will last over time.

Offer of TriEternity with home delivery service in Spain

You can surprise a special person with a TriEternity ETERNAL Rose for a competitive price.

In Telerosa florist, we work with illusion in order to get a smile, and we prepare our products in a desirable way, but functional, so that they can be sent to any city of Spain using our home delivery service.

If you have any doubts or questions about this or any product, we welcome you to contact us directly using the chat placed on the lower left of this website during normal office hours and our operators will answer you. Because in Telerosa, we place a great deal of emphasis on the quality.

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