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Lucky flower arrangement

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Lucky flower arrangement with 7 eternal luxury roses to send to your city in Spain

The Eternal Rose it's a rose naturally eternized, which has been subjected to a lyophilization process to extract the water and moisture, and keep them in their natural condition for years, in this way maintaining the same shape and the same colour as when they was fresh and not wilted.

Here we have a fantastic table centerpiece composed with 7 eternal roses in a nice set on a small decorative base of wicker or similar that will delight to the receiver, and surprised friends and strangers because of their exclusivity.

The big advantage is that Eternal Rose no need maintenance, light, or water to put them and have the same natural look for years so this gift will endure over the time like the first day and will serve as a reminder and also decoration over time.

Offer of Lucky Centerpiece with home delivery service in Spain

Wonderful set that will delight the recipient thanks to our home delivery service. You just have to place the order, specifying the adress, and we will deliver it as soon as possible.

You can buy this product at a very competitive price thanks to Telerosa, we work on improving our products every day optimizing resources and therefore the price of them.

In Telerosa florist we deliver your illusions as gifts, that's why we always have great and special products appropriate to the taste of our customers, so everyone can find their ideal gift and make your illusions into reality.

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