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Bouquets of flowers and Gifts on Mother's Day on May 2, 2021

Send home a nice bouquet of flowers to congratulate Mother's Day is an old tradition that continues to thrill mom, do not forget this Sunday May 2, and surprise her with the best prices of Telerosa

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Bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day

The first Sunday of May is celebrated Mother's Day in Spain, it's spring, the season of flowers and a strong tradition, the fact of giving roses and seasonal flowers to mothers, is a gesture of generosity to pay them for the love and affection demonstrated throughout her life in education and parenting.

It is tradition on this day , to meet together as a family to honor our mother around a family meal in which stories of our childhood are told, all the children and grandchildren gather if possible , which makes especially happy to mothers and parents and some generations come together , in the case granddaughter , daughter, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother sometimes , is a memorable day full of emotion , they, the mothers are the protagonists.

Flowers with home delivery on Mother's Day

If you're away from your city or your mother who is away for any reason, Telerosa offers the possibility of sending her a bouquet of flowers to her current address to convey your love and affection in the distance, so that she feel close to you on this day so dear.

With you can send flowers with home delivery with a single click from this website, make her happy on Mother's Day, it's a nice gesture and cheap.

In Telerosa we have a wide range of flowers and specific assorted gifts for Mother's Day that you can buy for a good price and have a nice detail in the shape of flowers you can send to mom even on the same day, today.

Flowers and Gifts for Mother's Day in all Spain:

History of the celebration of Mother's Day

It is believed that the celebration of Mother's Day took the first steps in ancient Egypt, where it was paid homage to Isis, "goddess of motherhood" who after the death of her brother and torn husband after being murdered, found the parts of his body being impregnated from him and thus fertilizing his son Horus.

Similarly, there are some evidences in ancient Greece, place where were held floral tributes to Rea, mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

The Romans also paid tribute with flowers several days about March 15th in a festivity called Hilaria, there in the temple of Cybele.

The Catholics celebrated it delivering flowers to the Virgin mary on December 8, in the festivity of the Immaculate Conception.

Also the English in the seventeenth century, offered a holiday called Mothering Sunday, in chich children returning from Mass, brought gifts for their mothers.

In North America, afgter meetings many women organized in various cities around the year 1873, was succeeded and were repeating for years, so that the activist Julia Ward Howe, who had written the proclamation of Mother's Day, organized a meeting in the stykle of a mass conference to her mother who died a few years earlier, organized her personal tribute, which was adopted by most of the country until in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared it as official in the second Sunday of May.

In our days, Mother's Day is a particularly strong festivity in almost everyworld, although it is celebrated on different dates depending on the historical, religious or legndary traditions of the city in questiion, here in Spain we celebrated it on the first Sunday of may.

Flowers for Mother's Day in Spain

Mother there is only one, Say her with flowers

There is a special day to dedicate to mom, Mother's Day, we have agreed to honor with flowers to mothers, many people will think it is not necessary to designate a day to remember to the mothers, as we have them present in our thoughts constantly, but it is not.

It is necessary to set a date on the calendar so you do not fall into oblivion and to get our mother is the protagonist, to keep in mind by a gift and to recognize their efforts kept for years and not forget them as easily as sometimes we do, as conclusion, to have them in our thoughts more often, they will appreciate it tremendously.

Mothers play a very important role in our life, we should not forget it because sometimes spend days and weeks without knowing anything about them, a call and a greeting are sufficient, they require little in comparison to how much they give.

To achieve this end, there is a day in the calendar that reminds us lucky to have or have had close to our mother, from Telerosa we want to remember you with our roses, bouquets of flowers and assorted sets to have a detail to mom.

Given the competitive society in which we live today, the mother is centre, she offers us the selfless love without expecting anything in return, in her love there is no competition. No friendship or affection that can be compared to this feeling, thank her with a bouquet of flowers, from Telerosa, of course.

Give away flowers on Mother's Day in your city

The most noticeable influence on our lives is that of a mother, is one of the most important we can receive as it give shape to our character and personality, take care of us and feeding from we are a child, she try our good intellectual development, worries about our future and for the welfare of children and grandchildren above his own.

Our mothers use all their love to their children regardless of their status, they want to raise them with a balanced and generous character, with the aim of building trust in people, so that they are respectful to others and provide good values ​​in all their actions.

Therefore we must not overlook this important date and to ensure that for a day or once a year they feel happy receiving our love and can express the immense gratitude we feel toward them by affection and love received by all what they had to work and fight until we have raised considering that their jobs do not disappear while living.

Send flowers with home delivery to mom on Mother's Day

Offers Mother's Day in Spain

Take the opportunity to express your love for your mother buying a beautiful bouquet of roses or a fresh spring flowers to send to home in an intimate family meal, she will receive them with great joy, especially if their children are who are signed the gifts.

For those who live far from their mothers, it is a good idea to send her a big bouquet of flowers or a nice center to get it home and keep alive the memory, plus you'll get that she is glad the day.

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If you live near your mother and you see often, greatest joy will notice from you if you send her a bouquet of flowers, as she did not expect anything because of the great closeness, which favors a surprise, Telerosa will deliver her a nice bouquet of flowers with a note written by you for that big day.

We think the role of a mother is giving love unconditionally without giving anything in return, but they need our expressions of affection, and why not, a little gift for them even if small, because they recognize that what matters is not the gift but the accompanying message.

Gifts for Mother's Day in your city

It's spring, and the first Sunday of May in Spain our delivery agents will arrive punctually to the place you specify to send a bouquet of flowers to your mother, her home, her workplace or even your own house if you've invited her to eat or she is going to visit you, Telerosa ensures that the surprise is nice and full.

If fatalities of fate, mom is recovering from an illness in hospital, do not stop sending nice and cheerful flowers, because in these circumstances is the perfect time to perceive the great love of your children, and if you can not take them personally, let in the hands of Telerosa, we take care of arriving at the destination to brighten the day to your Mom.

Sometimes, there are people who could not enjoy their mothers by tragic circumstances of life, but have been lucky to have a grandmother, an aunt or neighbor or a generous person, who has played the role well or better than a mother, in such cases do not hesitate to send some flowers to that special someone, and so extraordinary who gave you affection, education, support and everything you could expect from a mother without having been biologically.