Catalog of flowers and roses in SpainCatalog of flowers and roses in Spain

Offer in flowers for Saint George's Day with Telerosa Florists

In Sant Jordi nothing better than giving a bouquet of red roses to deliver in all provinces at an affordable price with the usual service of Telerosa, total guarantee. You can also call us toll free at 900264088 and place your order directly.

Day of Sant Jordi, roses and bouquets of flowers

The day of Sant Jordi is celebrated the festivity of Sant Jorge, patron of Aragon, Baleares, Caceres and Catalonia, place where it is celebrated with great impact and it is tradition to send a gift of a rose and a book.

Legend says that St. George rescued the people from the attacks of a dragon, which had frightened the inhabitants because eSeey day devoured part of their herds, so that was slowly destroying the food and the main source of wealth and survival of the people.

At this point, one day decided that eSeey day would make a draw and would offer to the dragon a chosen in the draw as food to avoid the slaughter that the dragon had been doing. The bad fortune made in the next draw, was elected the daughter of the king, which would be given to the dragon for their daily food. Upon reaching the fateful hour when the princess was going to the jaws of the dragon, she saw appear at the top of the mountain the figure of a great white horse and a knight on top, it was Jorge, who saw what was going to happen, started in gallop and drawing his sword he went straight to the dragon, who after many thrusts could reduce and kill with his sword.

In this way, the princess saved her life because of the hands of Jorge, who was sanctified and after his feat in the scene was planted an almond and a rosebush, which each year gives many roses, one big, red and beautiful commemorating the rescue of the princess at the hands of St. George.

Telerosa makes it Seey easy for you to rescue your princess, only with ordering flowers and roses to send to any city of Spain to your fiancee in just a few minutes via online, through this page without fighting with dragons. And also calling 902 30 30 29 (0034 952 363 464 from abroad) one of our operators will inform you about our bouquets and flowers for Sant Jordi. Also, for your convenience you can pay by phone using a credit or debit card.

Sending roses and flowers with home delivery on April 23rd, Day of Sant Jordi

There are a thousand reasons to send a bouquet of roses to that special someone , among the classics can highlight Sant Jordi, Telerosa offers classic red rose and other alternative bouquets and centerpieces tailored to any budget , but even more important than the amount of the gift, is being original in the writing of the note we will send attached to the bouquet, it must go all out and we must try to be smart and express with detail all the feeling that binds us to that special person we are sending the flowers.

Telerosa Florist with home delivery, nothing more easy to send your bouquet of flowers and your rose of Sant Jordi to any city of the national territory.

Bouquets of flowers Telerosa Florists in Sant Jordi

Telerosa Florist bouquets arrange in all cities specific bouquets of flowers and roses of Sant Jordi, each bouquet with attention to all details so that your roses and deliSeey at home cause a great impact on those who receive. We have a whole range of products for any recipient, only with placing your order online right here or calling 902 30 30 29.

Our flowers always fresh are especially selected from the place where the best flowers are grown in that time of year, and are carefully treated in our florists, because we know that eSeey rose and eSeey bouquet carry a Seey special message for their recipients.

Bouquets of roses with home deliSeey to celebrate the Day of Sant Jordi

Today that person that you're thinking can receive the flowers of Sant Jordi , a spectacular bouquet of flowers to make this day Seey special, you only have to indicate the province, city and date of deliSeey you want and you will discoSee the wide range of products that Telerosa Florists have available for you in that area.

If you choose one of the products deliSeeed by courier , you should bear in mind that you must place your order with eough time in advance to reach your destination on time.

In Telerosa Florists you can find the gift that you were looking for so that Day of Sant Jordi is unforgettable. In all provinces of national geography, Telerosa Florists offers many bouquets so that you can choose the one you like most.