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Send flowers, plush toys and gifts to Clínica La Luz in Madrid

You can send flowers, balloons, chocolates and special gifts to celebrate the birth of a child in Clínica La Luz in Madrid and in Madrid also by calling for free at 0034 900264088 to take your order.

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Sending Presents to Clínica La Luz in Madrid to celebrate the birth of a baby

Bassinet of Roses for babies

Nothing like the birth of a child to promote a set of emotions that reaches family and friends. It gives much joy to the life of the baby's family, and the co-workers of mothers and fathers are also happy.

It is feelings that are experienced, which try to transfer the mother and family with flowers, or any other gift that gives you encouragement and strength in the upbringing of the child.

The moments so intense that are experienced in childbirth, are rewarded by the gift of new life they already have in their arms, and flowers that are sent express gratitude for the efforts made by the mother, her dedication during pregnancy and her suffering giving birth.

The father, with great pride and emotion to see his child born, needs to show his feelings to his partner and brighten up the room of the hospital.

Cousins, uncles and grandparents want to express their love and their joy for a special feeling with the arrival of the new member of their family. In Telerosa you will always find that detail that will tell you the emotions you want to communicate.

The workmates of the newly released parents want to communicate that they remember them in these happy moments of their life, and that is why they send flowers that are always received with enthusiasm.

Sometimes close friends know better than the family how much it was desired for the parents to have that child, they know the difficulties to have it, either for work, economic reasons or for health reasons.

For this reason, when the child is finally born, the true friends want to show how much they rejoice at the birth of the baby and look for in Telerosa a floral or other detail, which will draw a smile from the lips of the recent parents.

A detail that will be very grateful, symbol of friendship, distinction, elegance, generosity and affection.

Sending flowers and gifts to Clínica La Luz in Madrid

Bouquet diapers Bear

When you enter a family member or friend in a hospital for medical treatment or surgery, you have difficult times when you need the support of family and friends.

If you can not go to visit in Clínica La Luz in Madrid because you live far away or because you are not close at the moment, you can offer a nice memory by sending flowers or another detail that gives a spark of illusion to his/ her stay in the hospital that sometimes lasts longer than that we would like.

In other cultures, it is very common to give flowers to the patient. It is a beautiful and joyful way of expressing our desire for a speedy recovery and at the same time gladdening its entrance, since the rooms of the hospitals are not very cheerful or showy.

Telerosa in its long experience delivering flowers to our patients in the hospital, reports the patient's situation and at the most appropriate time delivers and ensures that they arrive at their destination without causing the patient any discomfort, with delicacy and discretion.

Along with the flowers or the gift chosen, you can attach a personal note in which to express your desires for recovery, and we can also help you in writing the same, for those who can not write what their heart feels and wants to send to the convalescent person, because we have experience in it.

In Telerosa we have centers with indoor plants, varied bouquets, fresh natural roses, seasonal flowers, eternal natural roses, orchids, plush toys, chocolates and many other great colorful floral and gift sets to send to the hospital, clinic or Maternity to celebrate the newborn, to encourage a sick person, to wish a speedy recovery to a loved one during their convalescence, to brighten the stay of a patient in the hospital or to show appreciation to the health personnel for the treatment and Professionalism dispensed to any of us during any intervention.

In this case, to send to Clínica La Luz in Madrid.

Send flowers, roses and gifts to give encouragement to a sick person and make happier his/ her stay in hospital

When we need a surgical intervention, nervousness and tension due to fear of possible outcome lead to much anxiety. Nothing better to conclude our beloved ones with beautiful flowers beautifully decorated for the occasion.

When someone gives you flowers, you give them your affection, the flowers transmit optimism, the thoughts of those who send them, that everything is going to go well and they can enjoy them with their perfume to roses instead of the sad smells of a hospital.

Children admitted to the hospital due to an illness can receive balloons, stuffed animals or any other product to change their mood, feeling their stay in the hospital from a different point of view, distancing them for a moment from the discomfort and sadness that permeates the hospital. At the moment we will make you happy with little, and your parents will never forget that sending their children in this regular situation of their life.

The birthdays or saints that coincide in a hospital stay can also be celebrated, moreover, with much more reason we have to turn on those dates to raise their spirits and give a party feeling with balloons, flowers and everything they need to forget for a moment the hospital environment and enjoy.

For long stays due to chronic diseases, the patients are sometimes the most forgotten, deserve a detail because of their capacity for resistance, so that their spirit does not degrade. Send them a detail with Telerosa so that he knows that their family and friends do not forget them for as long as the convalescence.

In addition, in Clínica La Luz in Madrid, Telerosa take care of delivering flowers regularly, every week, every month, whatever you wish, to express the perseverance in their care and support.

If the person who is going to receive has been discharged, Telerosa will try to find out his/ her address and will send it. We do not stop with the difficulties in our mission to send your request.

We will call you for more information if needed, but we will not give up trying to bring flowers to your loved one, especially when it is for these reasons.

It is often the patients themselves who, grateful for the care and delivery with which they have been cared for by their relatives and friends, want to return the favor to their caregivers.

This means a moment of great emotion for those who receive our deliveries, because it is an unexpected surprise, since the care of your family member or friend is usually an act of generosity and kindness totally disinterested.

Telerosa flower shop will thank you and you will be rewarded for the hard evenings next to the sick.

Sending flowers of gratitude to medical staff of Clínica La Luz in Madrid

A difficult and delicate moment in our life is when we face an illness at hospital.

This make us feel defenceless and in danger, that’s why when doctors, nurses and assistants take care of us with total dedication, encourage us and are keen on our recovery, it’s fair to recognize their job with our most sincere gratitude.

In Telerosa we have available flowers, chocolates and many other more special details to pass your gratitude on to the medical staff that had tended to us so well.

Gerberas Bouquet      

Great medical professionals are detected for acting with humanity thanks to their assistance vocation, but they never forget a patient who thanks to them recovered their health and in gratitude sends them a present.

If we are lucky enough to find those professionals who, apart from their high medical standing, show their human side to the patients, is fair to demonstrate our recognition.

Telerosa, expert in this, puts at your disposal the best presents to compensate so many bitter moments they live every day at hospital.

The staff happiness is huge when they see patients going home recovered after a complicated health problem, even more if they receive a detail that indicates the patient recognizes their job, a good job.

Happy parents who go home with their little child in their arms after their stay at hospital after birth, will never forget the behaviour dispensed by the medical staff at maternity to help them in the baby birth.

All the education and baby care they will impart will be essential for new parents, that’s why parents feel the need of giving thanks to those doctors, midwives and nurses who with patience and determination have help them to face the insecurity and respect that brings to care after a tiny tot.

In you have available appropriate and different products to give to those medical professionals who you’ll turn to again if you decide to increase the family.

Send flowers and gifts to hospitals and clinics from Madrid:

Flowers and gifts to send to Clínica La Luz in Madrid

Bouquets of flowers, roses and gifts to clinics or hospitals Madrid in births, encourage the stay to a relative and congratulate their doctors.

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