General Conditions of Telerosa Florist apply online, telephone and in-person sales at our stores:

In TELEROSA we understand the illusion that each client we have placed in us to make your order and that we are transmitters of feelings and emotions, to be able to deliver such a delicate gift at the optimum conditions of quality, and attending to the multiple circumstances may pose, we have a procedures manual based on our quality policy that detailed and that the contracting client of our services acknowledge and agree entirely.

Legal notice:

TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L., in compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, reports: Who owns the domain and the website That your identifying data are: TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. Avenida Europa, 5 Local 29003 Málaga MÁLAGA SPAIN That is inscribed with the NIF: B92847920 in the Mercantile Registry of MÁLAGA, Volume: 4321, Book, 3231, page: 41, Sheet: MA-91831 The use of the website grants the condition of user and implies full acceptance of all the provisions contained in this Legal Notice, in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If the user does not agree with the conditions established here, he should reject the access and use of the website. The content of the website is the property of TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. and any type of copy or reproduction of all or part of the content without the express authorization of its owner is prohibited. TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. assumes no responsibility for the external links of third parties that may be incorporated into the website, as it does not have any control over them, their contents, the services they provide or the way in which they appear. The user of the website undertakes to make appropriate use of it, not to use it for practices contrary to the Law or good faith and not to cause damage to the physical and logical systems of TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L.

Object of TELEROSA website:,, and others are web portals that are intended to:

• Provide to our visitors, content on our trademark, products, services, advertising and others.
• Allow users to purchase ON LINE those products and services provided directly by TELEROSA or third parties that can hire to provide them.
• Keep track of the orders placed through this website, access notifications in relation to your shipping and reply to these notifications.

Conditions for online purchase:

The purchase transaction made by this website, even though we supply you a purchase order number will not be considered a business relationship with TELEROSA SPAIN SL until it has been verified and accepted in writing by sending your corresponding invoice, automatic order confirmation sent by email doesn't imply acceptance by us. If TELEROSA not accept your order, we'll have only the obligation to return the money that the client could have anticipated by any means.

The user is informed and accepts that the offers of this website may be different from those available by phone or in sales in person in our stores and can be modified at any time without notice. Also be advised that availability of the offer of this website is limited to the time that the offer is available in the website and for delivery of products to the last day of the year.

The user is informed that the content, products and services are designed and intended exclusively for people who have legal capacity to contract under the current regulations in the location from which you access, and it is informed of the inability to use this website in places where the conditions of use would conflict with the rules applicable in that territory. In case of default the user or his legal representative shall be only responsible.

Procedures for the contract under Article 27.1 of the Law 34/2002, the steps to follow are:

  1. Select Product
  2. Enter province, city and desired delivery date.
  3. Select color, design and / or complements as appropriate
  4. Specify the delivery details, name address etc.., And your personal information and data for your bill.
  5. Select the desired payment method.
  6. When we receive your proposal will be pending of acceptance by us, until it's reviewed by an operator and check the viability of service and requested items with features, date and destination selected.
  7. When accepted by us and charged the corresponding amount, your order will pass to "Paid and Pending Delivery"
  8. When the agreed date arrives, we'll make the delivery and your order will be change to the "Delivered" mode.
  9. Any inconvenience that may occur will be treated as indicated in these terms.
  10. Order will be stored electronically in a guarded file by TELEROSA SPAIN SL and accessible to you on the tab MY ORDER entering your order number and the password that you assigned.
  11. If you want you can exercise your right to correct, modify or deletion of data by sending an email to or by certified letter to TELEROSA SPAIN SL residing at Avenida Europa, 5, 29003 MALAGA.
  12. The contract will be formalized in Spanish. 

Valentine's Day Special Conditions:

February 14th is a special day because the demand for roses is multiplied worldwide making up prices of roses and everything related to them, reason why previous and later that day the prices are higher than usual.

Promotions and Special Conditions of Valentine's Day    

About our products:

The product you see in the pictures on our website is what will actually receive the person to whom you gift except that product is individually prepared by artisan hands and therefore can not possibly be exactly the same so you can observed small differences motivated by florist artisan skill, the flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates or other materials available on time in the moment and city destination of the gift.

In any case, the lack of a concrete material will be replaced by another of similar features and price so that the value of the product delivered is equal or superior to you have hired.

If the difference had to be remarkable will previously informed you to provide your consent, if for any reason we didn't contact you on time to make the delivery, Telerosa will take for and consider the most appropriate decision to try to provide the service to understand how you would have preferred, see the section Customer Communications.

And as warranty we will provide a photo expressly taken to your gift in the cases where possible, see section Photo of my Order

Customizing our products:

All our exclusive products are personalized with the name of the person to who is aimed at and a sealed envelope with the message you provide.

Unfortunately products that can't be prepared directly by TELE ROSA will not carry that customization and your message will be handwritten and delivered in a normal envelope.

This message may not contain insults, threats or other offensive content, if we find that inappropriate content will be removed wholly or partially in any case solely responsible for the content of it will be the person who provides it.

Photo of my order:

Our exclusive products once they leave the florist goes to TELEROSA photography studio where we take a snapshot that will be available to the customer or gift recipient totally free.

This picture is taken to show to our customer the quality and presentation of the gift we deliver on their behalf and that many times the sender may not see the gift you have bought.

This photo in any case will be a photo catalog, meaning that the picture we will show you in all cases where it's possible will be exactly the same product is delivered and if it's not possible we'll just not show any picture.

This is a value added service completely FREE for customers and recipients, but not in all cases it's possible to offer it and TELEROSA will lend this only where technically and logistically possible without any commitment on our part.


With a special machine we can print on petal roses whether they are live natural roses or eternal natural roses, a short phrase, a corporate logo, football shield etc.

The service may request as a supplement once selected your bouquet and you can print one or all roses according to your desire. In comments you can specify the text to be printed on each rose or mailed to a jpg file with the image you want to print.

Evidently to print colors other than black, the rose must be white please note that printing is inkjet on petal rose and therefore small details can be ill-defined, simple images are recommended. Also this print with the passage of the time is lost. In any case if this impression wasn't satisfactory for you, should send a photo to and after we check it, the amount paid for it will be refundable.

Warranty about balloons:

In the gifts containing balloons our guarantee is limited to the time of delivery, ie we can't respond on the duration of the balloon once they have been delivered, due to their high fragility that depends primarily on the treatment they receive. For this purpose the balloon once left our store or delivered and signed the delivery document with the approval of the person who receives, claim period ends.

Cancellation of orders:

The cancellation of an order upon request of a customer and after our approval, will have an administration fee by 5€ whenever you request it before it has been started its preparation (minimum 48 hours before the requested delivery date) After the start no amount will be refunded for cancellations and delivery can only be postponed for as long as the flowers remain in good conditions to be delivered (1-2 days)

Communications with customers:

Once you have placed your order, the system will automatically send you an email with the details.

We may also call your mobile to confirm any data or make the payment in the event that you have requested payment by phone. TELEROSA reserves the rights to cancel or suspend the requested delivery if we don't contact with you or detect a possible bad intention or fraudulent use.

If we can't talk to you , we'll make the communications on this website on the tab MY ORDER where only the clients with the order number and password can enter and answer or give instructions about your order.

Any unforeseen circumstances arise, TELEROSA will try to contact you on your mobile phone to inform you of the incident so you can decide what you want to do, also this will be entered in our website in the monitoring of your own order so you can view it by clicking the order number and password, right there you can also tell us your decision. If we can't contact you on your mobile for any reason and neither receives instructions by you on the tracking of your order, TELEROSA will make the decision it considers appropriate depending in each case.

This decision will have the same validity as if you had said, since we have requested a response for you and for any reason was unable to give us at the time that we need it to make the delivery and fulfill in the best way possible.

Typical example of incidence: you have requested to deliver a teddy bear with your roses and is not available at the moment. If we don't receive your instructions we will change that teddy for another of the same price or a box of chocolates, etc.. same price or higher value.

If you call our customer service on 902 30 30 29 or (0034) 952 363 464 identifying yourself as a client, you must provide the details of your order, in addition to the information that is required to identify you as the person who made the order and not any other person seeking information about your shipments or recipient thereof.

In any case we'll provide information about our customers and their orders to anyone, by telephone, writing or in person, unless they are requested by Court Order or defend our legitimate rights and borrowers of a service and guarantee recovery of the service .

To confirm delivery of your order or for any other circumstance TELEROSA or courier company may send an SMS to your mobile. But if you think your SMS can be read by third parties should indicate in the comments of the same: I don't wish to receive any SMS on my mobile number when ordering, in which case we will not give your mobile number to anyone or send you any SMS.

By email besides confirmation of your order you can receive information about our products and offers if you don't want to receive any mail from TELEROSA except the order confirmation that it's automatic at the time you realize it, you must indicate explicitly in the observations the following text: I DON'T WANT TO RECEIVE ANY EMAIL FROM TELEROSA

About our services:

To cover the demand in all Spain we have three different types of services and each order is automatically managed by the appropriate depending on the product and destination, these are:

Own service, is the one in which TELEROSA staff prepares and delivers your gift, available in the cities where our franchise is already working. In that cases we can attend and deliver your orders with a margin of only 3 hours from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 21 hours, even on Sundays and many festivities, requests should be made in advance. Once the goods have been delivered, you'll receive a SMS confirmation from TELEROSA, a photo of your order it's avalaible in Photo of my Order, except technical reasons to prevent it.

Shared Service, is the one where TELEROSA prepare your gift but the delivery is made by a courier company to any city of the peninsula, in which case we need more advance, you can consult courier delivery. Delivery times requested will depend on courier and the destination area, in Saturday morning we can also make your delivery. Own transport agency may notify you via an SMS to your mobile when it takes over your gift and when delivery has been made. The transport agency may notify you via an SMS to your mobile when they receive your shipment and when the delivery has been made.

Before leaving our central we make the Photo of my Order to your product. From TELEROSA we follow by web your gift, is the courier company responsible for your order once delivered to them and who would report directly to you any incident. Read below the conditions of courier delivery.

Outside service, in cities where there's no TELEROSA yet we have independent Florists to entrust the preparation and delivery of products, the bouquets and flower arrangements will be made in the typical shape of the destination and the final product could be different from the picture shown in our website .

There are products that by their characteristics should be prepared and delivered in the shortest possible time to maintain their freshness and quality and this allows us to deliver your gift in 3 to 4 hours after the request including Sundays and holidays in the majority of cities in Spain.

In this case TELEROSA makes the delivery tracking and sends you a SMS of delivery confirmation as soon as possible. For this kind of service we can't offer you the Photo of my Order.

About deliveries:

TELEROSA will make every possible effort to make the delivery date and time requested by the client on time, however there may be circumstances or reasons beyond our control in TELEROSA or the organization that make it not possible, such as:

  1. The delivery address provided by the customer is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete.
  2. The person who receives your gift or another isn't in the indicated address or they don't accept the delivery.
  3. When the destination is an organization, hospital, school, college, company, mortuary and in general any other that might have access restrictions for the delivery.
  4. When the order hasn't been made at least 48 hours in advance of the requested date for delivery and 72 hours in advance in the case of special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Sant Jordi, Etc.
  5. Other reasons unrelated to TELEROSA and / or their partners.

In cases where it's possible to leave the product at reception or any other place where you indicate us, we will leave it there. If there is no way to let it there, we'll try to contact to the recipient and / or client to find an alternative at that moment or leave a note to request delivery later. In all cases the customer will be notified of the incident. See section of Clients Communications.

The receiver or client will have up to 24 hours to give us delivery instructions, this might incur in additional charges for the cost of redelivery. After 48 hours from the first delivery attempt without receiving effective instructions we will give the service by fully completed without a return.

In any case the amount of undelivered orders for reasons out of our control will be refunded or may be cancelled or postponed to a later date because of the perishable nature in a short-term of our products.

In cases where TELEROSA recognize failures or own mistakes that may have motivated the order is not delivered, made in sufficient time, on the requested date we'll give to the customer the possibility to deliver at another moment or cancel the order and return the full amount thereof.

The preferred delivery schedule that the customer can select will be only as information for us, we will try to respect it whenever it's possible but in any case it's contractual, shall be considered properly delivered between 8 and 23h of the day requested.

Courier terms of Delivery:

TELEROSA is not responsible for the courier service, we hired at the request and under the responsibility of our client with MRW. The delay in deliveries, shipping breakage or loss will be subject to the terms of use of this courier service.

TELEROSA at the request of our client prepares and delivers the gifts to the courier company MRW and the amount thus billed is for the cost of packing, handling and shipping costs, but in no way assumes responsibility over the same once delivered to the transport agency.

As a guarantee of the quality of the prepared product we take just before delivering to the courier company a photography. At that time the customer accepts our service is complete.

Any claim relating to the transportation and delivery should be directed directly to the courier company which your order has been shipped.

The fact that at some point our customer service try to remedy any incident occurring during transportation, if TELEROSA accept mediate or even take any cost for what happened during transport, doesn't mean in any way acceptance of responsibility on our part or creates precedent for the future.

Secure Card Payments:

Card payments requested by this website will be made directly to the financial entity that provides and ensures the security and encryption necessary. In any case TELEROSA SPAIN S. L. treat, store or have access to any data card so declines any responsibility in this context.

If you request payment by card over the phone, the requested data are used exclusively for the payment of that particular order and deleted immediately from any storage media.

Transfer payments:

For customers who doesn't have credit or debit card and also for those who wish to send roses anonymously, we offer the option of paying by transfer or deposit account with any of the entities that we offer you, however this form of payment has the disadvantage that your order will not be processed until we have received the deposit in our account, so in this cases we recommend you to do it with at least 3 days in advance of the desired delivery date.

You should note that in cases of delivered by courier the product may not be delivered until the next business day after the payment confirmation.

We recommend you that once realized the transfer send us the receipt by email to so we can speed up to the extent possible the procedures, however until we confirm the deposit in our account we will deliver the order.

On Valentine 's Day and special dates we cancel the transfer payment option several days before, since we don't have time to check the payments.

After 24 hours of the delivery date scheduled without receive any transfer or receipt we will cancel the order.

Intellectual Property:

TELEROSA has the copyright on the content of our website, so that the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, without the previous written permission is forbidden deriving the responsibilities that would have place as a result of the violation of intellectual property laws. Also, all trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind contained in the website are protected by law and duly registered in the name of their owner, deriving the responsibilities that would have place as a result of the violation of the property industrial law.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy:

In compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data, information that personal data provided to users of this website are in possession of a single or more ownership in the ownership of TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. for purposes of destination, your request, as well as to keep you informed, including electronically, of future news and news related to our company.

The data requested in the different forms marked with an asterisk (*) are strictly necessary to make it possible to provide the requested service or to be able to contact the user or recipient of the products or services requested on this website.

The user guarantees the veracity of the personal data provided, being solely responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that may cause TELEROSA ESPAÑA, SL. and / or third parties, a cause of the completion of the forms with false, inaccurate or incomplete information.

In case the user includes personal data of third parties, he / she must, in advance, inform them of the provisions of this privacy policy. The user that includes data of third persons, declares under his responsibility, to have obtained the consent of these so that Telerosa Spain S.L. and other persons or companies may use them in order to provide the requested services and report as necessary in relation to them.

TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. undertakes not to transfer the personal data provided by users of this website to third parties or companies, except those necessary for the provision of the services requested and to report in relation to them.

Users, customers and recipients can use the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation of treatment, opposition and portability recognized in the current legislation by written communication to the person responsible for the treatment mentioned below, or the email address:

The acceptance of the terms set forth in this privacy policy is necessary for the sending and transmission of the request made.

Responsible for the Treatment: TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. Avenida Europa, 5 Local, 29003 - MÁLAGA MALAGA, SPAIN

Exclusion of liability:

TELEROSA doesn't assume any liability that may arise from:

• Improper use of the contents of this website, as well as the technical problems that the user might have during your connection.
• The damage that may be caused by the users of this website to provide false, incorrect data or violate the privacy or other rights of third parties.
• Security errors arising from the use of computers infected with viruses or the fact of using outdated browsers that may cause malfunction, as well as misuse of the browser.
• The links on this page to other websites outside from TELEROSA don't imply invitation or recommendation thereof and therefore we doesn't guarantee their content and assume no responsibility for any damages caused by these websites.
• TELEROSA can't control the use that third parties make from their web and is therefore not responsible for any misuse that may cause, each user is the responsible for all breaches of the existing legislation.
• TELEROSA doesn't assume any responsibility for fraudulent use of credit cards or debit cards with those third parties may make payments for products or services from TELEROSA.

Use of Cookies:

TELEROSA SPAIN, S.L. For your own account or that of a third party contracted for the provision of measurement services, you can use cookies when a user browses the website. Cookies are files sent to the browser through a web server in order to record the user's activities during their browsing time.

The cookies used by the website are only associated with anonymous user and their computer, and do not provide the user's personal data by themselves.

Through the use of cookies it is possible that the server where the website is located, recognizes the web browser used by the user in order to make browsing easier, enabling, for example, access to users who have registered previously, access to the areas, services, promotions or contests reserved exclusively for them without having to register for each visit. They are used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, monitor the progress and number of entries.

If cookies are not enabled, some features and pages may not be displayed correctly.

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To use the website, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of cookies by the website, or the third party acting on their behalf, without prejudice to the need for the user to initiate a session as such in each one of the services whose service requires the previous registration or "login".

Applicable law:

Any issue that may arise in relation to the conditions contained in this legal notice will be decided in the Tribunals and competent Courts in accordance with Spanish legislation.

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