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The meaning of a rose according to its colour


RED: Love, Passion, Desire. It is also the most frequently used colour, because it is the most desirable. That's why this colour extends its range of meanings so that it can convey with strength and sincerity all the feelings of the heart. 

PINK: Love in a familiar sense, congratulations on a birth, congratulations for an achievement. This colour is mainly used in gifts for girls, young ladies or women.


YELLOW: Symbol of friendship. Nevertheless, on a relationship with a partner, it means jealousy of the person who sends the gift. This colour is the weakest of all because its duration and the quality of the rose, particularly in summer. That's why it is not always available, and both the person sending the gift and the recipient have to be aware of its short duration so that they don't feel disappointed.


WHITE: This colour symbolizes the affection, the purity and the sincerity. Particularly suitable for weddings, communions, loving familiar events and courtesy gifts for customers, vendors or unknown persons who may have helped us. 

Services of Telerosa


Service of Roses Delivered Anonymously:


Telerosa will never divulge their customers or recipients' information to anyone (unless Judicial order). Therefore, if you don't attach your name neither in the message nor in the signature, the recipient won't know your identity in any manner.


It does no matter how many times the recipient calls or comes to our central office. Even if we have your personal data, if you attach "Anonymous" in your signature or if you decide not to write anything, we won't divulge your identity to anyone.


That means for our customers the maximum guarantee and confidenciality. However we DON'T recomend you to give your couple an anonymous gift, only if the recipient is someone you'd like to know more about. Because a wonderful bouquet of roses given anonymously, instead of being something beautiful, can rapidly become an unwelcome gift and create an absurd couple conflict.


In Telerosa, we have plenty of experience and we know that anonymous and not signed gifts in couples might lead to an uncomfortable situation for the recipient. Anyone can send anonymous flowers with the goal of hurting the couple and, of course, the recipient is not responsible.


Service of Anonymous Answer:


If you have received anonymous roses from Telerosa, as we've just said, we can't tell you who sent them. Nevertheless, you could send another bouquet to this person and answer her/his message, if you wanted to.



To do this, you should  place a normal order, but as recipient data you should write: For the customer of the order number ********, her/his order's number can be found in the product, on a sticker with the recipient's name, and also under the message.


Once Telerosa receives your order, we search through our files the information we have about the customer who placed that order. Then, we contact this person, telling him/her that we have a bouquet for him/her and that we'd need an adress and a date, so that we can deliver it to him/her.

Neither can that person obtain any information of you from us, therefore you decide the information you want to share with him/her in your message.


Recipients usually accept the order, egged on by curiosity and wanting to know more about the person who sends it and the content of the message. Always with the guarantee that their identity and contact information are absolutely confidential.


If we are successful in delivering him/her your flowers, you will receive a SMS confirming your order. Finally, if we can't contact this person or if she/he doesn't want to receive your flowers, we will inform you and we will refund the whole amount. 



Customisation of our products:


All of our exclusive products are customised with the name of the recipient and a sealed envelope with the message you provide.



It is regettable that the products which can't be prepared directly by TELEROSA won't have this customisation. In that case, your message will be manuscripted and delivered in a normal envelope. 

The message can't contain insults, threats or any other offense. If we detect inappropiate content, it will be totally or partially removed. In any case, the person who provided it will be the solely responsible for the content of the message. 

estudio fotografico

Photograph of my order:


Our unique products, once they leave the florist, they go to the photography studio of TELEROSA, where we take a snapshot that will be make available to the customer and the recipient, free of charge.



This photograph is taken to show you the quality and the presentation of the gift that we deliver on your behalf, because sometimes the customer may not see the product that she/he has bought.



This photograph will never be a picture from a catalogue. In other words, the snapshot we are going to show you, wherever possible, will always be taken of the product we will be delivering. If this is not posible, we will not show you any photograph.



This is a COMPLETELY FREE service for customers and recipients, but it is not always possible for us to offer it. TELEROSA will offer this service whenever technically and logistically viable, without any commitment. 




Rosaprint floristeria telerosa

With the machine that you can see in the photograph, we can print on the rose petal, whether they are living natural roses or eternal natural roses, a short phrase, a logo, a team's badge...




Once you have chosen your bouquet, you can request this service and you can print something on as many roses as you desire (even on the whole bouquet). In the observations, you can indicate the text you'd like print on each rose or you might as well send by e-mail to a jpg file with the picture. 

Rosaprint imprimiendo floristeria

Obviously, to print in colours other tan black, the rose has to be white.


It should also be taken into consideration that the printing is made using ink-jet, so small details may be grainy. That's why we recommend simple pictures. Furthermore, this print type loses quality as days pass by. 


Servicio globo regalo flores telerosa

Using a special machine, we are able to place inside a balloon any stuffed animal up to size 50cm. 



You can request this service in some products, which are already shown inside a balloon. It can also be requested with one or more stuffed animals to accompany your bouquet of roses.



Service of HEART Delivery:

Servicio entrega corazon floristeria online telerosa




New services and emotions are born in TELEROSA every day, to turn any given day into a special one for our clients and recipients. In this philosophy, we've created the delivery service with Heart Pet, Winnie The Pooh or Cupid, only available for those cities with TELEROSA'S direct coverage. 




Delivery Confirmation SMS:


Sms de entrega a movil floristeria madrid



Once your order has been delivered, TELEROSA or the courier company in charge of the delivery will send you a confirmation message to your mobile phone.



This SMS is another value added service totally free of charge for our customers. Therefore, it is not always possible for us to send it. You will receive this SMS  whenever technically and logistically viable, without any commitment. This does not, however, mean that the deliver hasn't been realized successfully, nor a breach of contract by us.



About our services:


mostrador telerosa floristeria online malaga


In order to deal with Spain's demand, we have three different kinds of services and each order is automatically processed using the one that corresponds, according to the product and destination. These services are:




Telerosa own service, is that in which TELEROSA's personnel prepares and delivers the gift. It is available in the cities where our franchise is already working. In such cases, we can prepare and deliver your order in three hours, from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00h to 21:00h, and even on Sundays and holidays. Once your order has been delivered, you'll receive a SMS from TELEROSA as a confirmation and you'll can see the Photograph of my Order.



Telerosa shared service, is that in which TELEROSA prepares the gift but a courier company handles the delivery. It is available anywhere on the Spanish Peninsula. In such cases, we can prepare and deliver your order in 24 hours. From Mondays to Fridays, if you place your order before 17:00h, your gift can be delivered the following day, but the delivery time depends on the courier company and the place of destination. On Saturday mornings, it might be possible to make your deliver too. The courier company may notify you via SMS when your order has arrived to their offices and also when the delivery is made. Before the product leaves our branch office, we make the Photopraph of my Order. From TELEROSA we track your order via the web, but it is the courier company who will inform you if there is any problem with the delivery.



Telerosa external service, in towns where there is still no TELEROSA, we have independents florists who prepare and deliver the orders. Such bouquets will be designed in the typical way of this place and the gift received may be different from the photograph shown in our website. There are products which need to be prepared and delivered in as short a time as possible, to keep all their freshness and quality. Moreover, this service allows us to deliver your order in 3 or 4 hours, even on Sundays and holidays in most cities of Spain. In this case, TELEROSA tracks the order and sends you a SMS to confirm the delivery as soon as possible. We can't offer the Photograph of my Order for this kind of order. 





Trirosa roja floristeria online Alicante Valencia

About our products:


The product that you see in the photographs of our website is the one actually receiving the recipient. That's because most of our products has been designed and are going to be prepared by our own florists. In thoses cases, where the order has to be prepared by another florists and we can't ensure the accuracy of the product, you will be awared in the characteristics of the product. When the difference between the photograph and your product is noticeable, due to stocks reasons, we will ask for your consent, in advance. See paragraph Customer communications tab Terms of use.


As a guarantee we'll send you a photograph of your order, whenever possible. See Photograph of my Order.




Usually, from Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00h to 21:00h. Saturdays from 10:00h to 15:00h. Delivery of roses and gifts on Sundays and holidays,  for orders placed with enough hours in advance. 





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