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We are florists, but this isn't a flower shop, we are The Illusions Factory Telerosa. Each and every detail is designed to offer quality products and service tailored to your individual needs, which can thrill you and convey all what you have in your heart, covered with an aura of color and fantasy, bouquet-shaped.

We are authentic innovative professionals who have adapted the traditional florists to current necessities, incorporating new technologies and forms of communication to improve the quality of our products and services with exclusives and highly emotional floral designs. At the same time, we offer an unique shopping experience that almost allows you to touch the product with your own hands, and not only in our shops, but also on the web and by phone, advising and sharing with you this personal and important moment. 


100% electric car from teleROSA

In TELEROSA, unlike most "flower-shops" well positioned in search engines, WE ARE FLORISTS and not astute intermediaries that can sell you either a flower or a bike, or even a computer. Indeed, eighty per cent of our gifts are prepared by our own staff. It is also true that we have independent florists throughout the national territory and in most world's countries, so that we can provide the service almost immediately, whenever and wherever you need it. 

If you have decided to buy over the Internet, be wary of those wonderful pictures, they have been so retouched that they seem like movie stars in The Oscar's Carpet, and any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. Moreover, in many cases they are misleading: They give you the price of a twelve roses bouquet while showing you a twenty or thirty roses one.  Sometimes, they offer sixty wonderful roses at a very low price, and then give you mini-roses, like toy roses appropiated for Barbie dolls. Our photographs probably aren't as great as theirs, but they are real. They are photographs taken everyday in our flower-shops of the bouquets delivered to our customers. 

Buying in Telerosa means to you the guarantee that the price you're paying is quality-adjusted, because we are not intermediaries, we are florists. 

TeleROSA central facade Spain

Our central office in Spain is located in Málaga. For additional information:

Visita virtual a central Telerosa FloristeríasTELEROSA SPAIN S.L.

Europa Avenue, 5

29003 MÁLAGA

C.I.F.: B-92.847.920


FROM  SPAIN: 902 30 30 29 - 952 363 464

FAX: 902 30 30 29 - 952 363 464

DESDE ABROAD: +34 952363464

Electronic Mail:info@telerosa.com

Interested in franchising:jrtr@telerosa.com


It is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Málaga, number 5. Volume 4321, book 3231, section 41, page MA_91831. First enrolment. (Check our shops below).

TELE ROSA is a registered brand that markets exclusively for Spain TELEROSA SPAIN S.L. and another flower-shops to whom it has granted its license for using the brand and logo, under the regime of franchise, for a specific territory, temporarily and under the terms of the contract.

TELE ROSA is the first franchise specialized in the home delivery of CUSTOMIZED Roses and Flowers.

The products of the Telerosa Florists are exclusives; they have been created by our florists designers and contain as the main element the NATURAL LIVING ROSE OR THE NATURAL ETERNAL ROSE.  In addition, they can have as a complement chocolates, stuffed animals, champagne, wine, perfumes or other gifts. 

Florists all around Spain (See Opening


Floristerías en Toda España

Florist in Álava -  Florist in Albacete -  Florist in Alicante - Florist in Almería -  Florist in Asturias -  Florist in Ávila - Florist in Badajoz -  Florist in Barcelona -  Florist in Burgos -  Florist in Cáceres -  Florist in Cádiz -  Florist in Cantabria -  Florist in Castellón -  Florist in Ceuta -  Florist in Ciudad Real  -  Florist in Córdoba -  Florist in A Coruña - Florist in Cuenca -  Florist in Girona -  Florist in Granada Florist in Guadalajara -  Florist in Guipúzcoa -  Florist in Huelva -  Florist in Huesca -  Florist in Illes Balears - Florist in Jaén -  Florist in León -  Florist in Lleida - Florist in Lugo -  Florist in Madrid -  Florist in Málaga - Florist in Melilla -  Florist in Murcia -  Florist in Navarra - Florist in Las Palmas -  Florist in La Rioja -  Florist in Ourense -  Florist in Palencia -  Florist in Pontevedra - Florist in Salamanca -  Florist in Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Florist in Segovia -  Florist in Sevilla -  Florist in Soria - Florist in Tarragona -  Florist in Teruel -  Florist in Toledo Florist in Valencia -  Florist in Valladolid -  Florist in Vizcaya -  Florist in Zamora -  Florist in Zaragoza


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