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Bassinet of roses

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Bassinet of Roses for home delivery in Spain

The Baby Bassinet with roses is a beautiful centerpiece of 12 roses with a box of Catánia chocolates and a plush toy. All together inside a great Bassinet for the just-born child, who will be received by the mother with happiness.

If you do not know what to give to the happy mother, this is the perfect gift for home delivery, and you can send it to the maternity hospital too. Because besides the flowers, the plush toy and the chocolates, the bassinet is the practical component, which will be the nest of the baby for some time. That will make you be remembered forever.

You can send this product using our home delivery service and give it as a birth gift. As in all our products, Telerosa can attach a special note with a congratulation message dedicated to the mother and, of course, to the baby.

Offer of Bassinet of Roses for home delivery in Spain

This centerpiece has 12 roses. The roses used are fresh and natural, carefully chosen from the best Ecuadorian roses, grown in climatically perfect areas for their development. Moreover, these roses are manipulated with the necessary care to keep their colour, natural condition, aroma and freshness. Because, in Telerosa, we rely on the quality.

This beautiful and original Baby Bassinet with 12 roses, a plush toy and chocolates is a great gift for babies, you can send it to an hospital, to your couple, to your relatives or to a friend for celebrating a birth. You can order this product at an economic price and send it using our home delivery service.

Keep in mind that Telerosa isn't just a florist shop, it is a Factory of Illusions. That's why this gift for babies will entirely satisfy the recipient and we will deliver it wherever you request.

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