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Duet Roses

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Beautiful centerpiece Duet Roses for home delivery in Spain

A duet of fresh and natural roses, this set is prepared in a centerpiece with green plants and ferns around the roses, they are designed to contrast with the colour of the roses and wrap them in a colourful mantle.

As in all the products of Telerosa, it can be sent anywhere using our home delivery service. Depending on the destination city, the final presentation may well be varied from the displayed photograph, due to stock reasons and florists customs.

You can attach a special private note for the recipient in order to convey your feelings, in an elegant and easy way.

The main characters of this centerpiece are 2 fresh roses, which have been carefully chosen from the best Ecuadorian roses, grown in climatically perfect areas for their development. Moreover, these roses are manipulated with the necessary care to keep their colour, natural condition and freshness.

Offer of Rose Duet for home delivery to Spain

A Rose Duet is the ideal gift to celebrate your second anniversary, your second date, your second victory at a competition. You can choose the colour of the roses and even combine two different colours for customizing your order.

You can order the centerpiece Rose Duet for very little money and give it as a gift with our home delivery service, so that you can enjoy it anywhere. It will be worth it to receive so much for so little.

In Telerosa florist we send illusions, that is why we design this product, which can be sent to an address with our home delivery service.

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